Chronological Release Guide

The following guide gives a complete overview to the whole discography by listing all the releases included in it in chronological order of release.  You can click on the titles to access the relevant page in the discography.

Title Release Date Release Category
Silent Sun 2nd February 1968 Genesis 7" single
A Winter's Tale 10th May 1968 Genesis 7" single
From Genesis To Revelation March 1969 Genesis album
Where The Sour Turns To Sweet 27th June 1969 Genesis 7" single
Trespass  October 1970 Genesis album
The Knife 21st May 1971 Genesis 7" single
Take This Heart April 1975 Production
The Geese & The Ghost March 1977 Solo Album
Reaching Out 15th October 1977 (US), November 1977 (UK) Session Appearance
Wise After The Event 12th May 1978 (UK), 7th June 1978 (US) Solo Album
We're All As We Lie June 1978 Solo 7" single
Private Parts & Pieces 30th November 1978 (US), 23rd March 1979 (UK) Solo Album
Sides 23rd March 1979 (UK), 1st June 1979 (US) Solo Album
Um & Aargh 6th April 1979 Solo 7" single
Smallcreep's Day 15th February 1980 Session Appearance
Back To The Pavilion 28th April 1980 Solo Album
1984 June 1981 (UK), 12th June 1981 (US) Solo Album
Prelude '84 30th June 1981 Solo 7" single
Antiques 4th March 1982 (US), October 1982 (UK) Solo Album
The Single Factor 7th May 1982 Session Appearance
Duel 1982 Session/Production
Invisible Men  24th October 1983 (US), March 1984 (UK) Solo Album
Sally 13th April 1984 Solo 12" single
A Catch At The Tables April 1984 Solo Album
Twelve 17th January 1985 Solo Album
Harvest of the Heart September 1985 Compilation
Ivory Moon January 1986 Solo Album
Promenade 1987 Lone Track
Slow Waves, Soft Stars 7th August 1987 Solo Album
Open Secret 30th November 1987 Session/Production
Tarka 31st October 1988 Collaboration
The Anthem From Tarka November 1988 Collaboration 7"/CD single
Mystic Heart Autumn 1989 Session/Production
Finger Painting December 1989 Solo Album
Terra X 20th September 1990 Lone Tracks
Slow Dance 24th September 1990 Solo Album
Amadora November 1991 Session/Production
New England 24th August 1992 Solo Album
Sail The World 31st May 1994 Solo Album
The Sky Road 15th June 1994 Solo Album
Gypsy Suite 23rd January 1995 Collaboration
Living Room Concert 15th May 1995 Solo Album
Anthology 16th October 1995 Compilation
Giants Dance September 1996 Session/Production
Dragonfly Dreams 4th November 1996 Solo Album
Meadows of Englewood Autumn 1996 Collaboration
Danza Cuccaracha 2nd April 1997 Lone Track
Legend (1997) 1997 Compilation
The Music of Nature 28th July 1997 Lone Tracks
Time & Tide November 1997 Collaboration
Live Radio Sessions February 1998 Collaboration
Archive Collection 30th March 1998 Solo Album
Archive 1967-75 22nd June 1998 Genesis Album
Mystic Rain Forest October 1998 Lone Track
Legend (1999) April 1999 Compilation
Fjord 10th May 1999 Lone Tracks
Sky Dawn 21st June 1999 Lone Track
Soiree 22nd November 1999 Solo Album
An English Country Garden 1st March 2001 Lone Track
National Trust Music Collection 17th September 2001 Lone Track
Soft Vivace April 2002 Compilation
All Our Lives April 2002 Re-release
Tranquil Moods 27th May 2002 Lone Track
Soundscapes 21st April 2003 Compilation
Radio Clyde 16th June 2003 Solo Album
Escape 14th July 2003 Lone Track
Battle of the Birds 12th January 2004 Session Appearance
Golden Road to Samarkand February 2004 Lone Track
Archive Collection Volume 2 10th May 2004 Solo Album
For Ever For Everyone 7th March 2005 Lone Track
All Around The World 14th March 2005 Session/Production
Field Day 17th October 2005 Solo Album
Wildlife 21st December 2007 (Japan), 21st April 2008 (UK) Collaboration
1970 - 1975 10th November 2008 Genesis Album
Out of the Tunnel's Mouth 31st October 2009 Session Appearance
Pathways & Promenades 2nd November 2009 Solo Album
Private Parts & Pieces I & II 15th February 2010 Re-release
Private Parts & Pieces V & VI 3rd May 2010 Re-release
Private Parts & Pieces VII & VIII 31st May 2010 Re-release
Ahead of the Field 14th June 2010 Solo Album
Battle of the Birds & Gypsy Suite 4th October 2010 Re-release
Private Parts & Pieces IX & X 24th January 2011 Re-release
Missing Links Volumes I - III 24th January 2011 Re-release
Private Parts & Pieces III & IV 7th February 2012 Re-release
Seventh Heaven 7th May 2012 Collaboration
City of Dreams 3rd December 2012 Solo Album
Harvest of the Heart: An Anthology (2014) 17th November 2014 Compilation
The Geese & The Ghost - Definitive Edition 9th March 2015 Re-release
Les Chateaux de la Loire 4th September 2015 Session Appearance
Private Parts & Pieces I - IV 11th September 2015 Re-release
Another Life 25th September 2015 Session Appearance
Wise After The Event - Deluxe Edition 5th February 2016 Re-release
Sides - Deluxe Edition 15th April 2016 Re-release
Effloresence 21st May 2016 Session Appearance
Halycon Days (Days To Remember) 27th May 2016 Session / Production
1984 - Deluxe Edition 24th June 2016 Re-release
Sunshine On Your Shoulder 12th August 2016 Session / Production
Private Parts & Pieces V - VIII 23rd September 2016 Re-release
Why The Sea Is Salt 28th October 2016 Session Appearance
Harmony for Elephants 1st December 2016 Lone Tracks
Slow Dance - Deluxe Edition 16th June 2017 Re-release
Invisible Men - Expanded Edition 13th October 2017 Re-release
Private Parts & Pieces IX - XI 27th April 2018 Re-release
Field Day - Digipak Edition 15th November 2018 Re-release
Seventh Heaven - Expanded Edition 25th January 2019 Re-release
Deconstructing Classics 9th September 2019  Session Appearance
Strings of Light 25th October 2019 Solo Album
Living Room Concert - Expanded Edition 24th July 2020 Re-release
Missing Links I - IV 27th November 2020 Re-release
Let Let Go 4th December 2020 Session / Production
Archive Collection Volumes I & II 28th January 2022 Re-release
Wildlife - Expanded Edition 27th January 2023 Re-release
BBC Broadcasts 3rd March 2023 Genesis Album
Twilight of a Diva 26th April 2024 Digital single
Roads In Between (vocal version) 8th May 2024 Digital single
Soliloquy for Sylvie 22nd May 2024 Digital single
The Golden Hour 31st May 2024 Solo Album

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