Sail The World


Sail The World (2010 re-issue)

Originally released: 31st May 1994

Produced by Anthony Phillips

Cover design by Jon Price

Cover photography by Anthony Phillips


Sail The World is a collection of Ant's music written and recorded for the UK TV coverage of the Whitbread Around The World Yacht Race, which was broadcast by ITV between September 1993 and June 1994.

The original 1994 release of the album included the mixes of the tracks made for use on the television programmes. 

In 1996 Ant and Trevor Vallis remixed a number of the tracks for release on a library music album called Sport & Leisure.  The 2010 re-issue of the album was re-mastered by Simon Heyworth to include the remixed versions along with three extra tracks, the CD also gaining the new artwork seen here as well as liner notes.



Track Listing

1. Opening Theme (2:32)

2. Fast Work (2:45)

3. Dark Seas (2:09)

4. Cool Sailing (3:19)

5. Wildlife Choir (3:42)

6. I Wish This Would Never End (5:15)

7. Salsa I (2:20)

8. Roaring Forties (2:46)

9. Lonely Whales (3:27)

10. Icebergs (2:01)

11. Majestic Whales (2:48)

12. In The Southern Ocean (3:05)

13. The Fremantle Doctor (2:16)

14. Long Way From Home (1:29)

15. Wildlife Flotilla (3:22)

16. Big Combers (3:04)

17. Cool Sailing II (3:19)

18. Cape Horn (1:37)

19. Amongst Mythical Birds (2:25)

20. Salsa II (2:20)

21. Into The Tropics (2:56)

22. In the Doldrums (2:25)

23. Heading For Home & Victory (3:26)

24. Paradise (3:23) *

25. Eastern Magic (3:09) *

26. Closing Theme (1:04) *

All tracks composed by Anthony Phillips

Except Salsa I and Salsa II - composed by Anthony Phillips and Joji Hirota


* Extra tracks on the 2010 re-issue


Anthony Phillips: Keyboards, Guitars, Drum programming

Joji Hirota: Assorted percussion (tracks 7 & 20)

Album release details


Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Resurgence Records RES102CD

CD re-issues

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Japan (May 1997) Voiceprint Japan VPJ 008
Japan (December 2007) Arcangelo Records ARC7260 (limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve)
UK (June 2010) Voiceprint Records VP535CD

The 2007 Japanese re-issue of the album featured new artwork, which uses one of Ant's original photos.


Cover designs for previous releases

Original UK release artwork (1994)

Japanese re-issue artwork (2007)

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