Denis Quinn: Open Secret


Originally released: November 1987

Arranged and produced by Anthony Phillips and Denis Quinn

Cover painting by Penny Adam

Open Secret was re-issued by Voiceprint on 16th March 2009 with three previously unreleased tracks from the original sessions (The Power of Love, Song of the Morning and Shine Brightly) included as extra tracks.  

All three extra tracks were newly mixed from the original multi-track masters from Ant's archive. 



Track Listing


1. Sacred Heart (4:48) 

2. Journey To A Remarkable Place (5:26) 

3. Soldier of Love (5:44) 

4. A Solitary Bird (5:15) 

5. Days Of Honey (2:17)

6. Violette (2:57)

7. Luna Nueva (5:41)

8. Open Secret (9:32)


Denis Quinn: Piano, keyboards, vocals

Anthony Phillips: Keyboards, Spanish, bass, rhythm & 12-string guitars, mandocello

Andy Latimer: Lead, Tex-Mex guitars

Tristan Maillot: Drums, percussion

Ivor McGregor: Violin

Cythia Robertson: Flute

Anthony Freer: Oboe

Jemma Sidell: Pizzicato Cello


Original album release details


Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
UK New World Cassettes NWC 147
USA Valley of the Sun AM151


Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK New World Company NWCD 147
USA Valley of the Sun CD114
Holland Good Heart Records GHR 22 (re-issue, 2005)
UK Voiceprint Records VP465CD (re-issue, 2009)

NB: USA cassette and CD releases have different cover artwork to the New World release.  The 2005 and 2009 re-issues had different cover artwork to either of the previous releases.

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