Soft Vivace


Released: April 2002

A further selection of previously released tracks from Ant's back catalogue, compiled by Guillermo Cazenave and released by his record company Astral to promote Ant's music in Spain & Spanish-speaking countries.

Cover design: Javier Rodriguez




Release Details

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Spain Astral CD 1728


Track Listing

NB: The track listing on this CD is given in Spanish, to which we have added the English titles.

1. Joya del Mar (Sea Jewel from Time & Tide)

2. Hagamos Todos ahora el Amor (Let Us Now Make Love from Ivory Moon)

3. Sobre el Portal (Over The Gate from A Catch At The Tables)

4. Catedral de Hielo (Cathedral of Ice from Slow Waves, Soft Stars)

5. C.Q. (from Finger Painting)

6. Fiesta de Charangos (from Time & Tide)

7. La Velada de Sarah Blakeley (Sarah Blakeley's Evening from Dragonfly Dreams)

8. Un largo Camino a Casa (Long Way From Home from Sail The World)

9. Amanecer & Criaturas Marinas (Sunrise & Sea Monsters from New England)

10. Alex (from Invisible Men)

11. Cincos (Fivers from Soirée)

12. Ella estará Esperando (She'll Be Waiting from Live Radio Sessions)

13. Tema Final (End Theme For Five from Time & Tide)

14. Majestuousas Ballenas (Majestic Whales from Sail The World)

15. Danza Lenta (Slow Dance single demo from Archive Collection)

16. Alborada del Cielo (Sky Dawn from The Sky Goes All The Way Home)


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