Discography: Astral & Voiceprint Re-releases

This section details the CD re-issues of titles from Ant's back catalogue that combined one or more original album releases as a multiple disc set. 

Re-issues of Ant's albums that have been released in an expanded 2 CD format (i.e. the original album plus an extra CD of bonus material) are included in the Albums section on the relevant album page.

The current re-issues of Ant's back catalogue by Esoteric Recordings are also included in the Albums section.

The titles are listed here in the order of release.  All of these releases are now out-of-print.


Antiques & A Catch At The Tables

A double CD re-release of the third and fourth albums in the Private Parts & Pieces series.  For this re-issue both albums have been re-mastered and extra tracks have been added, including previously unheard pieces newly mixed from the original multi-track tapes.


Voiceprint VP551CD, released 7th February 2012.


Missing Links Volumes I - III

A triple CD re-issue of the first three albums in the Missing Links series - Finger Painting, The Sky Road and Time & Tide.  All three albums now have new artwork and the sleeve notes for the albums have been updated.


Voiceprint VP550CD, released 24th January 2011.


Dragonfly Dreams & Soirêe

A double CD re-issue of the ninth and tenth albums in the Private Parts & Pieces series.  Soirée now has new artwork.


Voiceprint VP549CD, released 24th January 2011.


Battle of the Birds & Gypsy Suite

A double CD re-issue of these two titles.  


Floating World FLOATM6070, released 4th October 2010.


Slow Waves, Soft Stars & New England

A double CD re-issue of the seventh and eighth albums in the Private Parts & Pieces series, offering two albums for the price of a single CD.


Voiceprint VP554CD, released 31st May 2010.


Twelve & Ivory Moon

A double CD re-issue of the fifth and sixth albums in the Private Parts & Pieces series, offering two albums for the price of a single CD. 


Voiceprint VP553CD, released 3rd May 2010.


Private Parts & Pieces & Back To The Pavilion

A double CD re-issue of the first two Private Parts & Pieces albums.

Both albums were newly re-mastered for this re-issue and Private Parts & Pieces also includes a previously unreleased track from 1976.  New sleeve notes detailing the recording of the tracks on Back To The Pavilion are also included.

Voiceprint VP532CD, released 15th February 2010.


All Our Lives

A double CD re-issue of The Meadows of Englewood and The Live Radio Sessions albums.  On this re-release, The Live Radio Sessions does not include the various radio interview extracts included as tracks 11 - 15 on the original Astral release of the CD.  Instead, it includes the version of Collections (originally from The Living Room Concert) that was on the original Spanish release of the album on the Discmedi label.

In addition, two extra tracks have been added to the album: a demo of a solo track by Guillermo called 'Take A Part of Me' and a version of Ant's track 'Sky Dawn' to which Guillermo has added some additional keyboards.

Astral CD 1725, released April 2002


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