The Geese & The Ghost


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First released: March 1977

Produced by Simon Heyworth, Anthony Phillips and Michael Rutherford

Cover design: Peter Cross

Currently available as a 3 disc (2 CD / 1 DVD)  Definitive Edition which includes a 5.1 Surround Sound mix of the album.



Track Listing

Original album & CD releases / Disc One of double CD re-issue & Definitive Edition Disc Two of double CD re-issue & Definitive Edition

1. Wind-Tales (1:02)

1. Master of Time (demo) (7:37) Lyrics

2. Which Way The Wind Blows (5:51) Lyrics

2. Title Inspiration (0:31)

3. Henry; Portraits From Tudor Times (Total time 14:02):

3. The Geese & The Ghost - Part One (basic track) (7:46)

(i) Fanfare (0:56)

4. Collections link (0:39)

(ii) Lute's Chorus (2:00)

5. Which Way The Wind Blows (basic track) (6:25)

(iii) Misty Battlements (1:15)

6. Silver Song (Geese sessions) (4:22)

(iv) Lute's Chorus Reprise (0:52)*

7. Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times (basic track) (5:37)

(iv) Henry Goes To War (3:36)

(i) Fanfare (ii) Lute's Chorus (iii) Lute's Chorus Reprise  (iv) Misty Battlements 

(v) Death of A Knight (2:33)

8. Collections (demo) (4:14)

(vi) Triumphant Return (1:46)

9. The Geese & The Ghost - Part Two (basic track) (7:30)

4. God If I Saw Her Now (4:09) Lyrics

10. God If I Saw Her Now (basic track) (4:15)

5. Chinese Mushroom Cloud (0:46)

11. Sleepfall (basic track) (4:22)

6. The Geese And The Ghost (Total time 15:40):

12. Silver Song (unreleased single version, 1973) (4:14) Lyrics

Part I (8:01)

13. Only Your Love (previously unreleased) (3:08) Lyrics

Part II (7:39)

7. Collections (3:07) Lyrics

8. Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West (4:33)

* The Lute's Chorus Reprise section of Henry (which was edited from the original release of the album) is only included on the 2 CD re-mastered edition and the 3 disc Definitve Edition

NB: The Virgin CD re-issue of the album released in 1990 included the demo version of "Master of Time" (which was recorded in August 1973) as an extra track.


Wind-Tales, Which Way The Wind Blows, God If I Saw Her Now, Collections & Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West 

Composed by Anthony Phillips

Henry; Portraits From Tudor Times, Chinese Mushroom Cloud, The Geese And The Ghost, Silver Song & Only Your Love

Composed by Anthony Phillips and Michael Rutherford.


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Anthony Phillips: Acoustic 12 String, 6 String, Classical Guitar, Electric 6 & 12 String Guitars, Basses, Dulcimer Guitar, Bazouki, Synthesizers, Mellotron, Harmonium, Piano, Organ, Celeste, Pin Piano, Drums, Glockenspiel, Timbales, Bells & Chimes, Gong. Vocal on Collections.

Michael Rutherford: Acoustic 12 String, 6 String, Classical Guitars, Electric 6 & 12 String Guitars, Basses, Organ, Drums, Timbales, Glockenspiel, Cymbals, Bells.

Phil Collins: Vocals on Which Way The Wind Blows, God If I Saw Her Now.

Viv McAuliffe: Vocals on God If I Saw Her Now

Rob Phillips: Oboes

Lazo Momchilovich: Oboes, Cor Anglais

John Hackett: Flutes

Wil Sleath: Flute, Baroque flute, Recorders, Piccolo

Jack Lancaster: Flutes, Lyricon

Charlie Martin: Cello

Kirk Trevor: Cello

Nick Hayley & friend: Violins

Martin Westlake: Timpani

Tom Newman: Hecklephone & Bulk Eraser

Send Barns Orchestra and Barge Rabble conducted by Jeremy Gilbert

Ralph Bernascone: Soloist


Extra tracks credits

David Thomas: Classical Guitar (on Master of Time)

Ronnie Gunn: Harmonium (on Master of Time)

Phil Collins: Vocals, drums (on Silver Song and Only Your Love)

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Original album release details

LP releases

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Hit & Run HIT 001
US Passport Records PP90820
US Passport Records PVC 8905 (re-issue, 1981)
Germany Vertigo Records 9124 360
France Vertigo Records 9286 940
Spain Philips Records 9124 360
Argentina Vertigo Records 9124 360
Canada Passport Records 9167-90820
Holland Vertigo Records 9124 360
Italy Vertigo Records 9124 360
New Zealand Vertigo Records 9124 360
Venezuela Vertigo Records 20.016
Japan Philips Records RJ-7241
UK Esoteric Recordings ECLECLP 2482

Note: The Esoteric Records release was a limited edition vinyl pressing of the album released especially for Record Store Day (18th April 2015).  Copies of the LP came with a postcard signed by Ant.

Cassette releases

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Hit & Run ZCHIT 001
US Passport PVCC 8905
Venezuela Vertigo MC-2009

CD re-issues

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
US (1988) Passport Records PVCD 8905
UK (1990) Virgin Records CDOVD 315
Japan (1990) Virgin Records VJCP-2321


(i) The Passport CD re-issue was done without Ant's involvement from an inferior tape source, which had been partially demagnetised in places.  This accounts for the 'fluttering' sound heard in places on this CD.  

(ii) The Virgin CD release was re-mastered by Simon Heyworth and Ant from a Trident Studios production master.  This was the only available master tape source for the album at the time the Virgin release was being put together.

(iii) The initial pressing of the Virgin CD release had the artwork sourced from the Passport CD, which added the text 'with Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins' under Ant's name on the front cover.  It also excluded the lyrics to the songs and the text to accompany Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times together with the credits for the musicians who played on the album.  The reproduction of the artwork on this initial version was very poor and it was subsequently replaced with an improved version based on the original album release.

2 CD re-issue edition

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Japan (July 2007) Arcangelo Records ARC7227/28 (limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve)
UK (April 2008) Voiceprint Records VP432CD
Japan (May 2018) Belle Antique Records BELLE 182917-8 (limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve)

The 2 CD re-issue of the album is the first CD release of the album to be sourced from the original master tapes, which were re-discovered in 2001.  The artwork for the album is also reproduced to a much higher standard than on the previous CD releases.

Disc one of the 2018 Japanese release is in SHM (Super High Material) format.

3 disc (2 CD / 1 DVD) Definitive Edition

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK (March 2015) Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 32482

The Definitive Edition of the album was released in a clamshell box with a small poster.  The second CD includes the previously unreleased track Only Your Love, and the set also includes a 5.1 surround sound mix of the album by Andy Miles and Simon Heyworth.

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Single released from this album

There was one single taken from the album - a promotional release which was only issued in France by Vertigo Records.  Featuring Collections and God If I Saw Her Now, this is now a very rare and collectable item.

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
France (1977) Vertigo Records 6837 406

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