Gypsy Suite


Released: January 1995

A collaboration between Ant & Harry Williamson

Produced by Anthony Phillips & Harry Williamson

CD also includes the original demo recordings 
of Tarka Movements 1 & 2

Cover design: Voiceprint Records


Track Listing

Gypsy Suite 
(recorded March 1978):

1. Movement I: First Light (7:58)

2. Movement II: Siesta (5:08)

3. Movement III: Evening Circle (5:41)

4. Movement IV: The Crystal Ball (9:59)

(Movement I recorded May 1975, Movement II recorded April 1976):

5. Movement I: The Early Years (8:41)

6. Movement II: (a) Streams River And Salmon Hunting (6:38)

7. Movement II: (b) Dunes & Estuary (6:34)

8. Movement II: (c) Moonfield - Postscript (1:10)

All tracks composed by Anthony Phillips and Harry Williamson


Anthony Phillips: 12 String Guitar, 6 String Guitar, Piano, Synth, Organ, Percussion

Harry Williamson: 6 String Guitar, Bass, Echoes, Piano, Autoharp, Percussion, Gliss

Album release details


Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK (1st issue) Voiceprint Records VP189CD
UK (2nd issue) Blueprint Records BP189CD
UK Floating World Records FloatM6070 (double CD re-issue with Battle of the Birds)


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