Harvest of the Heart (1985)

Harvest of the Heart

Released: September 1985

Original sleeve painting 'Field of Eternity' by Peter Cross

'Harvest of the Heart' logo by Victor Napolski

A compilation album drawn from the first four Private Parts & Pieces albums, with two previously unreleased tracks.

The two previously unreleased tracks are Trail of Tears (recorded during the initial sessions for the Invisible Men album in 1982) and Erotic Strings (recorded as part of the incidental music to the Limehouse Productions Channel 4 play "Tropical Moon Over Dorking" in 1985)

NB: This release should not be confused with the 5 CD Anthology release from 2014 of the same name.

Track Listing

1. Trail Of Tears (5:31)* 

2. Esperansa (2:02) (from Antiques)

3. Salmon Leap (2:46) (from Back To The Pavilion)

4. Flapjack (2:26) (from A Catch At The Tables)

5. Bouncer (3:05) (from A Catch At The Tables)

6. Beauty And The Beast (4:08) (from Private Parts & Pieces)

7. Amorphous, Cadaverous And Nebulous (4:53) (from Back To The Pavilion)

8. Salmon's Last Sleep Walk (2:07) (from Back To The Pavilion)

9. Erotic Strings (1:08)** 

10. Bandido (2:46) (from Antiques)

11. Sistine (3:57) (from A Catch At The Tables)

12. Lindsay (3:50) (from Back To The Pavilion)

13. Over The Gate (2:05) (from A Catch At The Tables)

14. The Sea And The Armadillo (4:52) (from A Catch At The Tables)

15. Lights On The Hill (5:27) (from A Catch At The Tables)


* Now available on the CD release of Invisible Men

** Now available on the CD release of Private Parts & Pieces IV: A Catch At The Tables


Release details

Vinyl LP

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Cherry Red BRED 66

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