An Anthology

Released: 21st April 2003

A 2 CD compilation of previously released tracks from Ant's back catalogue 

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Album release details

Double CD 

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Snapper Recall SMDCD458


Track Listing

CD 1

CD 2

1. Bleak House (from Sides) 1. Land of Dragons Suite Pt. 1 (from Finger Painting)
2. Tregenna Afternoons (from Private Parts & Pieces) 2. Boulevard of Fallen Leaves (from Finger Painting)
3. Lucy: An Illusion (from Back To The Pavilion) 3. Cathedral Woods (from New England)
4. Old Wives Tale (from Antiques) 4. Reaper (from Living Room Concert)
5. The Women Were Watching (from Invisible Men) 5. Exile (from The Sky Road)
6. Dawn Over The Lake (from A Catch At The Tables) 6. Chinese Walls (from Dragonfly Dreams)
7. Bubble And Squeak (from Slow Waves, Soft Stars) 7. She'll Be Waiting (from Dragonfly Dreams)
8. The Anthem From Tarka (from Tarka) 8. Turtle Race (from Time & Tide)
9. Slow Dance (single demo) (from Archive Collection Vol. 1) 9. Fiesta del Charangos (from Time & Tide)
10. Passepied (from Soirée)

NB: The track listing given on the actual CD is inaccurate.

Track 6 on CD 1 is not Heart of Darkness and track 4 on CD 2 is not the Opening Theme from Sail The World.  

Those tracks are actually as listed above.


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