From Genesis To Revelation


Originally released: March 1969

Produced by Jonathan King

Engineered by Tom Allom & Brian Roberts

This album has been re-issued countless times in an extensive variety of permutations.  Pictured here is the "deluxe 2 CD edition", released by Edsel Records in 2005. 

To avoid making this page too complicated we only list here the original release plus a few notable re-issues of the album.  


Original UK album release details

LP (released March 1969):

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Decca Records SKL 4990 (with lyric insert)

NB: LP was also released as a now very rare mono pressing (Decca LK 4990)

LP re-issue (released September 1974):

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Decca Records SKL 4990 (with lyric insert)

Released under the title In The Beginning, this re-issue warrants a mention as it included the Genesis tracks previously only released as singles for the first time.

Four selected CD re-issues:

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK (1993) Music Club Records MCCD 133
EEC (1996) Disky Records DC863092
UK (March 2005) Edsel Records MEDCD 721
Germany (November 2011) Repertoire Records REP 5205

The second of these CD re-issues included two previously unreleased extra tracks - 1967 demos of Image Blown Out and She Is Beautiful (which was later reworked to become The Serpent).  Both of the tracks are of variable quality and the latter with better sound quality has been included on the 4 CD Genesis retrospective Archive 1967-75

The third of these CD re-issues is a 2 CD set with the second CD containing a selection of demos and rough mixes along with the A and B-sides of the band's first two singles.  All of the tracks on this second CD have been previously released - the majority of the demos and rough mixes being first released on the Genesis 4 CD set Archive 1967-75.

The fourth of the CD re-issues warrants a mention as Ant was interviewed by music writer and journalist Chris Welch for the liner notes.  It also includes the mono single versions of Where The Sour Turns To Sweet and In Hiding, which have not been included on the majority of the re-issues of the album.

Single released from this album

Where The Sour Turns To Sweet / In Hiding

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK (June 1969) Decca Records F 12949


Track Listing


Where The Sour Turns To Sweet 
In The Beginning 
Fireside Song 
The Serpent 
Am I Very Wrong? 
In The Wilderness 
The Conqueror 
In Hiding 
One Day 
In Limbo 
Silent Sun 
A Place to Call My Own 
A Winter's Tale (CD re-issue only)
One Eyed Hound (CD re-issue only)
That's Me (CD re-issue only)
The Silent Sun (single version) (CD re-issue only)


Tony Banks: Keyboards, vocals

Peter Gabriel: Lead vocal, flute, percussion

Anthony Phillips: Guitars, vocals

Mike Rutherford: Guitar, bass, vocals

John Silver: Drums

Chris Stewart: Drums on Silent Sun

David Thomas: Backing vocals

Unknown session players: Strings & brass

String arrangements by Arthur Greenslade


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