Private Parts & Pieces


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Private Parts & Pieces

Originally released:  30th November 1978 (US),  23rd March 1979 (UK) 

Album subtitled "A collection of guitar and piano solos, duets and ensembles 1972 - 1976"

Produced by Anthony Phillips
Except Tibetan Yak Music - produced by Harry Williamson

Cover artwork ('Field of Eternity'): Peter Cross

CD re-issues of the album released from 2010 onwards include three previously unreleased extra tracks:

Stranger (recorded October 1990)
Silver Song (demo) (recorded Spring 1986)

Movement IV from Guitar Quintet (recorded Summer 1976)



Track Listing

1. Beauty and The Beast (4:08)

2. Field of Eternity (5:10)

3. Tibetan Yak-Music (6:09)

4. Lullaby - Old Father Time (1:15)

5. Harmonium in the Dust (or Harmonius Stratosphere) (2:29)

6. Tregenna Afternoons (7:49)

7. Stranger (6:08) * Lyrics

8. Reaper (7:38)

9. Autumnal (5:57)

10. Flamingo (11:06)

11. Seven Long Years (2:58) Lyrics

12. Silver Song (3:19) * Lyrics

13. Movement IV from Guitar Quintet (7:08)*

* Extra tracks on CD re-issues

All titles composed by Anthony Phillips except Field of Eternity and Silver Song,

composed by Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford.


Anthony Phillips: 12 String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Piano, Electric Guitar, Pin Piano, Harmonium, Vocals

Harry Williamson: "Graphics" on Tibetan Yak-Music


Album release details

Releases on LP:

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Arista Records AFLP 1
US Passport Records PVC 7905
Canada Passport Records 9167-9833

The two sides of the original vinyl releases were designated as the 'Home Side' (side one) and the 'Away Side' (side two).

The UK LP release was a limited edition "Collector's Album" which was only available with the first 5000 copies of Sides.  

Releases on cassette:

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK  Arista Records AFMC1
US Passport Records PVCC 7905

CD re-issues:

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK (December 1990) Virgin Records CDOVD 317
Japan (1990) Virgin Records VJCP-2324
UK (1995) Blueprint Records BP202 CD
Japan (August 2007) Arcangelo Records ARC7238 (limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve)
UK (February 2010) Voiceprint Records VP532CD (as double CD with Back To The Pavilion)
UK (September 2015) Esoteric Records ECLEC 52510 (as part of Private Parts & Pieces I - IV)
Japan (June 2018) Belle Antique Records Belle BELLE 182936 (limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve)

The album was newly re-mastered for the 2010 re-issue and the same master was used for the 2015 re-issue.  All other CD releases use the previous mastering from 1990.

The 2108 Japanese release of the album was a 2 CD set with Private Parts & Extra Pieces from Private Parts & Pieces I - IV.  In addition, the running order of the album was changed with Ant's permission so that Stranger is track 13 on the album after Silver Song.

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