Private Parts & Pieces IX: Dragonfly Dreams


Released: 4th November 1996

Produced by Anthony Phillips

Cover Design: Colin Lucas

Currently available as part of the Private Parts & Pieces IX - XI box set release.




Track Listing

Part I

1. Openers (1:40)

2. In The Valleys (2:28)

3. Something Blue (4:58)

4. Quango (0:54)

5. Lostwithiel (4:36)

6. Under The Ice (6:02)

7. Sarah Blakeley's Evening (1:12)

8. She'll Be Waiting (4:36) Lyrics

9. Still Time (1:14)

Part II

10. Hills Of Languedoc (2:22)

11. Luigi Palta's Confession (2:27)

12. The Tears Of Pablo Paraguas (1:56)

13. Melancholy Flower (2:14)

14. Night Song (5:12)

15. Chinese Walls (17:32)

16. Old Faithful (2:52)

17. Summer Ponds & Dragonflies (2:14)

18. Lost And Found (2:24)


Composed by Anthony Phillips except Something Blue, composed by Anthony Phillips and Richard Scott

Hills Of Languedoc, Luigi Palta's Confession, The Tears Of Pablo Paraguas, Melancholy Flower and Old Faithful composed by Anthony Phillips and Quique Berro Garcia.



Anthony Phillips: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

Quique Berro Garcia: Guitars

Album release details

CD releases

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Blueprint Records BP229CD
Japan Voiceprint Japan VPJ 007

CD reissues

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Japan (September 2007) Arcangelo Records ARC7274 (limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve)
UK (January 2011) Voiceprint Records VP549CD (double CD re-issue with Soiree)
UK (April 2018) Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 42623 (as part of Private Parts & Pieces IX - XI

NB: The cover artwork on the 2007 Japanese reissue is a variation on the cover of the original UK release.


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