Private Parts & Pieces III: Antiques


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Originally released: 4th March 1982 (US), March 1982 (UK)

Album is sub-titled "A collection of Guitar Duets and Ensembles"

A collaboration between Ant and Enrique Berro Garcia

Produced by Anthony Phillips

Cover design: Peter Cross

Re-issued in a re-mastered form with extra tracks in 2012 as a double CD with A Catch At The Tables




Track Listing

1. Motherforest (1:55) 

Hurlingham Suite: 

2. (i) Ivied Castles (4:44) 

3. (ii) Frosted Windows (2:25) 

4. (iii) Bandido (2:46) 

5. (iv) Church Bells At Sunset (1:20) 

6. Suite In D Minor: (8:27)

(i) Whirlpools

(ii) Cobblestones

(iii) Catacombs

7. Danse Nude (1:31)

8. Esperansa (2:02)

9. Elegy (3:28)

10. Otto’s Face (4:23)

11. Sand Dunes (8:24)

12. Old Wives Tale (4:46)

13. Frosted Windows (Variation I) (0:38) (2012 CD re-issue only)

14. Esperansa (Alternate mix) (2:03) (2012 CD re-issue only)

15. Bandido (Early take) (2:58) (2012 CD re-issue only)

16. Old Wives Tale (Take 6) (4:41) (2012 CD re-issue only)

17. Suite In D Minor (Alternate version) (6:20) (2012 CD re-issue only)

18. Frosted Windows (Variation II) (0:47) (2012 CD re-issue only)

19. El Cid (3:08) (2012 CD re-issue only)

All titles composed by Anthony Phillips and Enrique Berro Garcia, 
except Ivied Castles and Old Wives Tale, composed by Anthony Phillips.

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Anthony Phillips: Classical, 12 & 6 String Guitars, Bass Guitar, Synth on track 19

Enrique Berro Garcia: Classical, 12 String Guitars, Electric Guitar

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Original Sleeve Note

This is Ant's original sleeve note for the album, which was only included on the sleeve of the UK LP release:

Whilst mixing "Sides" I was introduced to an Argentinean guitarist, Enrique Berro Garcia, who was a fan of mine.  At the session end he took up a guitar and played "Collections" from "The Geese and The Ghost" brilliantly.  I felt I should be his fan!  A collaboration seemed inevitable, this album is the result.  The last of the Send Barns albums, I want to thank all there who made it possible.

I dedicate this album to Enrique and Sylvie and all their generous and charming Argentinean friends and all the innocent on both sides who died in the international conflict.

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Original album release details

LP releases

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
US Passport Records PVC 8908
UK RCA International INTS 5228
Germany RCA Records PL 25437
Italy RCA Records PL 25437

Cassette releases

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
US Passport Records PVCC 8908
UK RCA International INTK 5228

CD re-issues:

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK (1991) Virgin Records CDOVD 319
Japan (1991) Virgin Records VJCP-2327
USA Caroline Records CD CAR 1829
UK  Blueprint Records BP204 CD
Japan (August 2007) Arcangelo Records ARC7240 (limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve)
UK (February 2012)  Voiceprint Records VP551CD (double CD re-issue with A Catch At The Tables)

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