The Meadows of Englewood


The Meadows of Englewood

Released: Spring 1996

A collaboration between Ant & Guillermo Cazenave

Produced by Anthony Phillips & Guillermo Cazenave

Cover design: Javier Rodriguez

Recorded over the course of three days in the Summer of 1995, The Meadows of Englewood was mixed in April 1996 and first released in Spain by Guillermo's Astral label as CD 999. 

The album was then remixed in November 1996 for a second edition, which was released by Astral in Spain as CD 30 All subsequent releases of the album include the audio from the second edition.  A limited number of copies of this edition were distributed in the UK by Voiceprint Records. 

In 2002, the album was re-issued as the first disc of the 2 CD release All Our Lives (Astral CD 1725), which includes a version of Live Radio Sessions on the second CD.

In April 2013 The Meadows of Englewood was re-issued as a 15th Anniversary Edition, which combined a re-mastered version of the original album together with a DVD of the video release of the same name.



Track Listing

1. Peggy In The Skies Without Diamonds (2:36)

2. The Meadows Of Englewood (36:42)

3. Lucy: An Illusion (3:59)

4. The Agent Mulder Never Resolves A Single Case (3:59)

5. Sortilege (3:49)

6. She'll Be Waiting (4:35)

7. The Circle (excerpts) (4:17)

8. Picaresca (12-string improvisation) (9:09)

9. Ocho Pomelos Con Pimienta...Prestame Un Mango, Pibe! (0:34)


Composed by Anthony Phillips & Guillermo Cazenave except 3, 6, 8, & 9  - composed by Anthony Phillips 

and 4 & 7 composed by Guillermo Cazenave


There are variations in the timings for the tracks listed on the covers of the various releases of the album.  The timings shown here reflect the actual durations of the tracks on the second edition.



Anthony Phillips: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

Guillermo Cazenave: Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Original album release details


Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Spain Astral Records CD999

This initial CD release included a shortened version (3:57) of I Wish This Would Never End from the Sail The World album as an 'bonus' track, which appeared in the running order after Picaresca.  This track was excluded from all other subsequent releases.

CD second issue

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Spain Astral Records CD30
Argentina Melopea Discos CDMPV 1111
Japan Voiceprint Japan VPJ 039
Spain Astral Records CD 1725 (as the first disc of All Our Lives release)

15th Anniversary Edition release (CD & DVD)

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Spain Astral Records CD 1742

The track listing on this reissue is the same as the second issue of the CD.  The last track (Ocho Pomelos Con Pimienta...) is now listed as being an "Anonymous composition from the XX Century".

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