Originally released: 31st October 1988

A collaboration between Ant and Harry Williamson

Produced by Simon Heyworth

Re-issue sleeve design: Nico G

NB: When this album was re-issued by Blueprint Records in 1996 the CD was given a completely new cover design. 

In addition, some extra music not included on the original release was added.  



Track Listing


1. Movement 1 - The First Year (11:24) 

Owlery Holt - Weare Water - Golden Pool - Moon Play - Corncrake Meadow - Root Walk

2. Movement 2  - River and Estuary (16:20) 

Moonfield - Waymoor - The Estuary - Salmon Hunting - Moonfield - The Burrows - Bag Leap

3. Movement 3 - The Hunt (15:23)

The Foreboding - Dark Hams Wood - Pool of the Six Herons - Escape to the Estuary - Beam Weir - Deadlock - The Kelp Pool - Island Run - Ebb Tide

4. The Anthem (6:04)

Composed by Anthony Phillips and Harry Williamson, 

except The Anthem composed by Anthony Phillips and Simon Heyworth



Anthony Phillips: Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards

Harry Williamson: Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards

Krysia Osostowicz: Violin

Ann Morfee: Violin

Janet Crouch: Cello

Anne Glover: Oboe

Ian Hardwick: Oboe

Lindsay Cooper: Bassoon

Nick Cox: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet

Andrew Anscombe: French Horn

Didier Malherbe: Flute, Piccolo, Soprano Saxophone

Julie Allis: Harp

Guy Evans & Dave Sawyer: Percussion

The National Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Jeremy Gilbert


Original release details


Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
UK PRT Records PYL 18
Italy (released 1989) PRT Records PRLP 26


Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK PRT Records PYC 18
France (released January 1990) Baillemont Records CD 898
UK (released June 1996) Blueprint Records BP219CD


(i) The Baillemont release of the album uses the same cover design as the PRT original but also includes Ant and Harry's names.

(ii) The Blueprint CD release has a totally new cover and also includes The Rising Spring as part of Movement 2, which has a running time of 16:20. It also details for the first time the titles of all the individual sections of the three Movements and includes some sleeve notes from Harry Williamson about the album.


Single released from this album

7" single: The Anthem From Tarka (single mix) / The Rising Spring

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
UK PRT Records PYS 18 (picture sleeve)
Australia EMI Records EMI 2233

CD single:

The Anthem From Tarka (single mix) / The Rising Spring / Excerpt From Tarka, Movement 1, Part 1 / Excerpt From Tarka, Movement 3  / The Anthem From Tarka (single mix extended version) 

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
UK PRT Records PYD 18 


Sleeve Notes

These are producer Simon Heyworth's original sleeve notes which were included on the original 1988 release:

The acoustic guitar has always been a bridge between the tradition of English folk music and the classical and rock music disciplines.  Throughout Europe there has been a tradition of using folk music melodies as the basis of major classical works.

TARKA, as both an evolution and as a piece of music, is broad-based enough to show off much of the above.  During the time in which the work developed it came to represent (if one may draw a phrase from the world of art) a work in progress.  To a large extent the process still continues as far as the main participants in the project are concerned.

Other works will follow, some with their roots as far if not even further back as the present piece.  Indeed, this is the right moment for this current work to appear.

This is not an unusual process for the painter or sculptor and much of what we see in TARKA, although we experience it through sound, is inspired by places that can be as readily seen as imagined.

Simon Heyworth, Producer
1988, England


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