Intergalactic Touring Band: Reaching Out 

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A Various Artists release, which includes Ant on acoustic guitar on the track Reaching Out

Released on 15th October 1977 (US) and in November 1977 in the (UK).

Reaching Out written by Wil Malone

Produced by Stephan Galfas and Marty Scott



Original US & UK album release details

LP (released November 1977):

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
US Passport Records PB 9823
UK Charisma Records CDS 4009

Album included a full colour booklet with album credits and song lyrics

Reaching Out was also released as the B-side of the UK 7" single release of Starship Jingle (Charisma CB 307, released in January 1978)

CD re-issue (released January 2003):

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Voiceprint Records VP251CD


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Vocals: Annie Haslam

Acoustic Guitars: Anthony Phillips and Peter Sobel

Drums & Percussion: Paul Marchetti

Tympani: Mighty Young Joe Intile, B.E.

Members of the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Harry Rabinowitz

Orchestral arrangement by Wil Malone

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