Missing Links Volume One: Finger Painting



 Originally released: December 1989

Album is subtitled "A collection of Television and Library Music 1979-89"

Produced by Anthony Phillips

Cover photography: Anthony Phillips

The original release of this album was as a private cassette release in a limited edition of 1000 copies




Track Listing

1. Force Majeure (3:49) 

2. Mountain Voices (3:02) 

3. Lord Of The Smoking Mirror (2:57) 

4. Sea Horses (2:55) 

5. Dungeons (2:35) 

6. Between The Rings (3:10) 

7. Evening Ascent (3:29) 

8. Streamer (1:14) 

9. After The Rain (2:45) 

10. Rottweiler (2:42) 

11. Sad Fish (2:25) 

12. A Song (0:36)

13. God's Chosen Car Park Suite: (6:38)

(i) Processional,  (ii) Meditation, (iii) Cave Painting

14. Tropical Moon Over Dorking Suite: (5:03)

(i) Estrangement, (ii) Myra's Dream, (iii) Reconciliation

15. Fountain Pool (0:29)

16. C.Q. (1:06)

17. Three Piece Suite: (4:03)

(i) To The Shrine, (ii) Through The Forest, (iii) Towards The Light

18. Boulevard Of Fallen Leaves (2:03)

19. Land Of Dragons Suite: (12:53)

(i) Land Of Dragons (Part 1), (ii) Kites, (iii) Harbour At Sunset, (iv) Dance Of The Crabs, 

(v) Sand Octopus & The King Crabs

(vi) Do The Shrimps Know They're Chinese?, (vii) Land Of Dragons (Part 2)

20. And A Prayer (1:08)

21. Tierra Del Fuego (1:06)

22. Paradise Found (2:07)


All tracks composed by Anthony Phillips



Anthony Phillips: Keyboards, Piano, Guitars

Boulevard of Fallen Leaves features the Gabrieli String Quartet, conducted by Jeremy Gilbert.


Original album release details

Cassette (released December 1989):

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Occasional Records (no catalogue number given)

CD re-issues:

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK (1992) Brainworks Records BWKD 209
UK (1996) Blueprint Records BP209CD
Japan (November 2007) Arcangelo Records ARC7254 (limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve)
UK (January 2011) Voiceprint Records VP550CD (triple CD release with The Sky Road and Time & Tide)
UK (November 2020) Esoteric Recordings ELEC 52743 (In Missing Links I - IV five CD clamshell box set)

NB: The 2007 Japanese re-issue of the album featured new artwork for the album, which made use of Ant's original photography.  The 2011 triple CD release that included this album had a new cover design.

The 2020 re-issue of the album used the same photograph as the 2007 Japanese re-issue.


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