Legend (1999)


Released: April 1999

A selection of tracks from Ant's back catalogue, compiled by Guillermo Cazenave and released by his record company Astral to promote Ant's music in Spain.

Cover design: Javier Rodriguez

This compilation includes one previously unreleased track (Sombrero) and an alternate mix of another unavailable elsewhere




Release Details

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Spain Astral CD 39


Track Listing

1. Estrangement (1:58) (from Finger Painting)

2. Traces (4:47) (from Invisible Men)

3. Old Wives Tales (4:43) (from Antiques)

4. Scottish Suite 1a Parte (2:43) (from Back To The Pavilion)

5. Sanctuary (4:00) (from New England)

6. Tierra Del Fuego (1:07) (from Finger Painting)

7. Tara's Theme (3:21) (from Ivory Moon)

8. Pieces of Eight III (4:52) (from New England)

9. Sortilegio - en vivo (3:40) (from Meadows of Englewood)

10. Sunday Morning (0:40) (from Sky Road)

11. Storm Warning (1:55) (from Sky Road)

12. Closing Theme (0:52) (from Sky Road)

13. Boulevard of Fallen Leaves (2:04) (from Finger Painting)

14. Sistine (3:54) (from A Catch At The Tables)

15. Myra's Dream (1:51) (from Finger Painting)

16. Carnival (1:33) (from Slow Waves, Soft Stars)

17. Pluto Garden (2:01) (from Slow Waves, Soft Stars)

18. A Song (0:36) (from Finger Painting)

19. Cave Painting (0:10) (from Finger Painting)

20. The Anthem (5:31) (from Tarka)

21. Summer Ponds & Dragonflies (2:12) (from Dragonfly Dreams)

22. Silver Song - en vivo (3:42)*

23. Sombrero (2:42)**

* Previously unreleased mix of track included on The Live Radio Sessions

** Previously unreleased track

NB: The track titles given to the three tracks from Lifeboat Suite (10-12) on this CD are wrong:

Track 10 is Opening Theme and not Sunday Morning

Track 11 is Across the Sandbar and not Storm Warning

Track 12 is Let Not The Deep Swallow Me Up and not Closing Theme.

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