From this page you can explore a complete discography of all commercially released recordings either by or including Ant. 

In addition to the sections listed below we also have a Discography Guide which lists all the releases included in the discography in chronological order of release.

Information on the current availability of Ant's album releases can be found on our Buyers Guide page.



A complete listing of all of Ant's album releases from The Geese And The Ghost (1977) to Strings of Light (2019).  This section also now includes his collaborations with Harry Williamson, Guillermo Cazenave, Joji Hirota and Andrew Skeet.


Esoteric Re-releases

Esoteric re-releases

Details of the deluxe CD re-issues of titles from Ant's back catalogue released by Esoteric Recordings from March 2015 onwards.


Ant's session appearances and production work

Including Ant's appearances on albums by Mike Rutherford, Camel, Iva Twydell and Denis Quinn.


Lone Tracks

Details of tracks by Ant included on releases that were not available elsewhere.



Compilations of tracks from Ant's existing album releases.


Ant-era Genesis releases

From the single release of 'The Silent Sun' in 1968 to the 2023 boxed set release BBC Broadcasts.


Astral & Voiceprint re-releases  

Details of the CD re-issues of titles from Ant's back catalogue released by Astral (in 2002) and Voiceprint Records (between 2010 and 2012) that combined one or more original album releases as a multiple disc set.



An overview of the various single releases taken from Ant's albums.


Videography  Videography

An overview of the various VHS and DVD releases that have included contributions from Ant.

Discography Guide

A complete detailed chronological list of all the releases included in the discography.


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