Wise After The Event

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Wise After The Event

First released: 12th May 1978 (UK), 7th June 1978 (US)

Produced by Rupert Hine

Cover artwork: Peter Cross

Currently available as a 4 disc (3 CD / 1 DVD)  Deluxe Edition, which includes a 5.1 Surround Sound mix of the album.





Track Listing

Original album & CD releases / Disc One of double CD re-issue Disc Two of double CD re-issue

1. We're All As We Lie (4:34) Lyrics

1. We're All As We Lie Link (1:23)

2. Birdsong (6:43) Lyrics

2. Sleeping On An Interstellar Plane (Greenhouse demo) (3:04)

3. Moonshooter (5:52) Lyrics

3. Paperchase (Instrumental demo) (5:31)

4. Wise After The Event (10:30) Lyrics

4. Birdsong (Instrumental demo) (5:33)

5. Pulling Faces (4:32) Lyrics

5. Moonshooter (Cottage Tapes demo) (5:37)

6. Regrets (6:02) Lyrics

6. We're All As We Lie (Cottage Tapes demo) (3:53) 

7. Greenhouse (3:00) Lyrics

7. Pulling Faces (Cottage Tapes demo) (4:29)

8. Paperchase (5:28) Lyrics

8. Squirrel (Instrumental mix) (4:28)

9. Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends)? (8:21) Lyrics

9. Wise After The Event (Instrumental mix) (8:54)

10. Squirrel (4:28) (CD re-issues only) Lyrics

10. Magic Garden (Solo Piano Mix) (1:55)

11. We're All As We Lie (7" single version) (3:49)

"Squirrel" was originally released as the B-side of the 7" single release of "We're All As We Lie"

12. Regrets (Piano mix) (6:00)

13. Chinaman (Basic guitar mix) (0:44)

14. Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends)? (Instrumental mix) (8:14)

All titles composed by Anthony Phillips, except Greenhouse composed by
Anthony Phillips & Jeremy Gilbert.

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Anthony Phillips: Vocals and Harmonica

Michael Giles: Drums

John G. Perry: Bass (Wal custom)

The Vicar: Guitars, Keyboards and sundries

Jeremy Gilbert: Keyboards on Greenhouse, Harp on Now What?

Mel Collins: Soprano Sax on We're All As We Lie, Flutes on Birdsong

Robin Phillips: Oboe on Sitars & Nebulous

Rupert Hine: Percussion, Backing Vocals, Locks, Probs, Modes & Vibes

Perkin Alanbeck: Synthesiser on Birdsong

Humbert Ruse & Vic Stench: Drums & Bass on Greenhouse

Rodent Rabble (including "No Hours from Neasden"): Clicks, Claps and Crampons

Orchestra on Regrets conducted by Gilbert Biberian. Assembled by David Katz, arranged by A.P.

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Original album release details

LP releases

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Arista Records SPART 1063
US Passport Records PB 9828
Holland Vertigo Records 9124 361
Canada Passport Records 9167-9828
France Vertigo Records 9199 650
Germany Vertigo Records 9124 361
Italy Vertigo Records 9124 361
Japan Vertigo Records RJ-7392
Spain Vertigo Records 9124 361
Argentina Vertigo Records 9124 361
Venezuela Vertigo Records 20.018

The album was also released in the US as a limited edition LP picture disc (Passport Records PB 9828), which came with a lyric sheet insert.

Keen-eyed owners of the original vinyl release of the album may have spotted that the track listing on the cover doesn't fully correlate with the running order.  As Ant explains, "At the time Peter Cross was doing the artwork, there were grandiose schemes afoot for an album and an EP to include all the extra tracks and instrumental links.  This idea was subsequently shot down by practical realities; out went the links (mostly ending up on Back To The Pavilion) and poor old Squirrel who, apart from a brief appearance on the B side of a single, found himself truly cast out in space. 

This, rather awkwardly, left the cover full of bizarre credits and strange running orders.  However, by this time Peter was busy on other projects, the cover design was decreed too brilliant to tamper with and thus it stayed!  The only link that survived was the oddly banded, yet untitled piece at the end of side one - this is of course just a 12-string and Polymoog mix of the end of Now What?"

Cassette releases

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Arista Records TCART 1063
US Passport Records PBC 9828
Argentina Vertigo Records 9925 8124

CD re-issues

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Virgin Records CDOVD 322
Japan Virgin Records VJCP-23049

Both of these CD re-issues included Squirrel as an extra track.

2 CD re-issue edition

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Japan (July 2007) Arcangelo Records ARC7232/33 (limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve)
UK (May 2008) Voiceprint Records VP433CD


4 disc (3 CD / 1 DVD) Definitive Edition

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK (February 2016) Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 42527

The Definitive Edition of the album was released in a clamshell box with a small poster.  The set includes a new stereo mix and a 5.1 surround sound mix of the album by Andy Miles and Simon Heyworth.


Single released from this album

We're All As We Lie (single edit) / Squirrel - Sitars & Nebulous

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Arista Records ARIST 192
US Passport Records PS 7914
Holland Vertigo Records 6079 625 (picture sleeve)

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