Private Parts & Pieces II: Back To The Pavilion


Back To The Pavilion

Originally released: 28th April 1980

Produced by Anthony Phillips, except "Scottish Suite" (produced by Anthony Phillips & Anton Matthews)

and Romany's Aria, Chinaman, Magic Garden & Tremulous (produced by Rupert Hine)

Cover artwork: Peter Cross

The CD re-issues of the album include a previously unreleased track - Lucy (An Illusion), which was recorded in October 1990.

Currently available as part of the Private Parts & Pieces I - IV box set release.




Track Listing

1 - 5. Scottish Suite:
(A collection of Scottish Salmon farmer's songs and 12th century Paraguayan tin-miner's threnodies)

(i) Salmon Leap (2:46)

(ii) Parting Thistle (2:26)

(iii) Electric Reaper (3:03)

(iv) Amorphous, Cadaverous and Nebulous (4:53)

(v) Salmon's Last Sleepwalk (2:07)

6. Lindsay (3:50)

7. K2 (8:53)

8. Postlude: End of the Season (0:32)

9. Heavens (4:22)

10. Spring Meeting (3:52)

11. Romany's Aria (0:50)

12. Chinaman (0:41)

13. Nocturne (4:05)

14. Magic Garden (1:56)

15. Von Runkel's Yorker Music (0:41)

16. Will O' the Wisp (3:30)

17. Tremulous (1:06)

18. I Saw You Today (4:34) Lyrics

19. Back to the Pavilion (2:51)

20. Lucy: An Illusion (3:52) (CD re-issue only) Lyrics


All titles composed by Anthony Phillips, except Tremulous composed by Anthony Phillips & Mel Collins


Anthony Phillips: 12-String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Polymoog, ARP 2600

Andy McCulloch: Drums & Percussion

Mike Rutherford: Bass on Salmon Leap and Amorphous, Cadaverous and Nebulous

Rob Phillips: Oboe on Von Runkel's Yorker Music

Mel Collins: Flute on Tremulous


Original album release details

Releases on LP:

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
US Passport Records PVC 7913
Canada Passport Records PB-2012

The two sides of the original vinyl releases were designated as the 'N.O.R. Side' (side one) and the 'S.O.R. Side' (side two) - this is a humorous reference to musical genres such as A.O.R (Adult Orientated Rock).

Release on cassette:

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
US Passport Records PVCC 7913

CD re-issues:

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK (1991) Virgin Records CDOVD 318
Japan (1990) Virgin Records VJCP-2325
UK  Blueprint Records BP203 CD
Japan (August 2007) Arcangelo Records ARC7239 (limited edition mini vinyl sleeve)
UK (February 2010) Voiceprint Records VP532CD (as double CD with Private Parts & Pieces)
UK (September 2015) Esoteric Records ECLEC 52510 (as part of Private Parts & Pieces I - IV)

NB: The album was newly re-mastered in 2007.  Initially this re-mastered version was released on the 2007 Japanese re-issue and then on the 2010 and 2015 UK re-issues of the album.  The previous CD releases of the album all used the same audio source.

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