Private Parts & Pieces II: Back To The Pavilion


Back To The Pavilion

Originally released: 28th April 1980

 Scottish Suite produced by Anthony Phillips & Anton Matthews

Romany's Aria, Chinaman, Magic Garden, Von Runkel's Yorker Music & Tremulous produced by Rupert Hine

All other tracks produced by Anthony Phillips

Cover artwork: Peter Cross

The CD re-issues of the album include a previously unreleased track - Lucy (An Illusion), which was recorded in October 1990.

Currently available as part of the Private Parts & Pieces I - IV box set release.




Track Listing

1 - 5. Scottish Suite:
(A collection of Scottish Salmon farmer's songs and 12th century Paraguayan tin-miner's threnodies)

(i) Salmon Leap (2:46)

(ii) Parting Thistle (2:26)

(iii) Electric Reaper (3:03)

(iv) Amorphous, Cadaverous and Nebulous (4:53)

(v) Salmon's Last Sleepwalk (2:07)

6. Lindsay (3:50)

7. K2 (8:53)

8. Postlude: End of the Season (0:32)

9. Heavens (4:22)

10. Spring Meeting (3:52)

11. Romany's Aria (0:50)

12. Chinaman (0:41)

13. Nocturne (4:05)

14. Magic Garden (1:56)

15. Von Runkel's Yorker Music (0:41)

16. Will O' the Wisp (3:30)

17. Tremulous (1:06)

18. I Saw You Today (4:34) Lyrics

19. Back to the Pavilion (2:51)

20. Lucy: An Illusion (3:52) (CD re-issue only) Lyrics


All titles composed by Anthony Phillips, except Tremulous composed by Anthony Phillips & Mel Collins


Anthony Phillips: 12-String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Polymoog, ARP 2600

Andy McCulloch: Drums & Percussion

Mike Rutherford: Bass on Salmon Leap and Amorphous, Cadaverous and Nebulous

Rob Phillips: Oboe on Von Runkel's Yorker Music

Mel Collins: Flute on Tremulous


Original album release details

Releases on LP:

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
US Passport Records PVC 7913
Canada Passport Records PB-2012

The two sides of the original vinyl releases were designated as the 'N.O.R. Side' (side one) and the 'S.O.R. Side' (side two) - this is a humorous reference to musical genres such as A.O.R (Adult Orientated Rock).

Release on cassette:

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
US Passport Records PVCC 7913

CD re-issues:

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Japan (1990) Virgin Records VJCP-2325
UK (1991) Virgin Records CDOVD 318
UK (1996) Blueprint Records BP203 CD
Japan (August 2007) Arcangelo Records ARC7239 (limited edition mini vinyl sleeve)
UK (February 2010) Voiceprint Records VP532CD (as double CD with Private Parts & Pieces)
UK (September 2015) Esoteric Records ECLEC 52510 (as part of Private Parts & Pieces I - IV)
Japan (June 2018) Belle Antique Records BELLE 182938 (in limited edition mini vinyl sleeve)

NB: The album was newly re-mastered in 2007, being re-assembled from all the original master tapes for the first time since the original vinyl release of the album in 1980.  Initially this re-mastered version was released on the 2007 Japanese re-issue and then on the 2010 and 2015 UK re-issues of the album as well as the 2018 Japanese re-issue.  The previous CD releases of the album all used the same audio source.

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