Live Radio Sessions


Released: January 1998

A collaboration between Anthony Phillips & Guillermo Cazenave

Produced by Guillermo Cazenave

This CD was initially released in Spain only on the Discmedi label.  A second release of the CD with a different track listing and cover artwork was then released by Astral Records in May 1998.  The Astral release was intended for all countries outside Spain.

The album is also included in the double CD All Our Lives (released in 2002) which couples the album with The Meadows of Englewood.  The version of the album there has a third variation of the track listing. 


CD Cover shown here is for the Discmedi release

Track Listing

1. Hello: here are 30 seconds from the Spanish radio (0:40)*

2. Lights on the Hill (3:39)

3. The Circle (6:59)

4. Silver Song (3:44) Lyrics

5. The Return of the Agent Mulder (3:53)

6. Peggy in the Skies… (2:29)

7. She’ll Be Waiting (4:28) Lyrics

8. Sortilege (3:44)

9. Lucy: An Illusion (3:51) Lyrics

10. Busco a Boscan (3:59)

11. Anthony speaks (5:18)*

12. Guillermo speaks too (2:36)*

13. Anthony insists on speaking (3:04)*

14. Guillermo… (4:13)*

15. It’s time for news (0:08)*

* These tracks are not included on the Discmedi CD release


Anthony Phillips: Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals.

Guillermo Cazenave: Keyboards, Guitar, Lute, Backing Vocals

Recording Details

Tracks 2 – 9 recorded at Control Room, Barcelona May 1997 for Radio 3 (Madrid), Radio 4, Onda Rambla, Catalunya Radio (Barcelona).

Track 10 recorded by Guillermo Cazenave for a BBC Session, London, July 28th 1997.

Tracks 11-15 commentaries for R.N.E (Spain) - Anthony & Guillermo and K.L.R.S. (USA) – Guillermo.

Original album release details


Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Spain Discmedi Blau  DM 315 02

CD second issue:

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Spain Astral Records CD33



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