Missing Links Volume Two: The Sky Road


Originally released: 15th June 1994

CD subtitled "A Collection of Archive, Commission & Unreleased Album Material"

Produced by Anthony Phillips  

Except The Beggar & The Thief co-produced by Anthony Phillips and David Thomas.

Cover photography: Anthony Phillips




Track Listing

1. Exile (4:56)

2. Lifeboat Suite (10:32)

Opening Theme - Sunday Morning - Another Shout - Across The Sandbar - Storm Warning : Kim Waits

The Rescue Of The Janet C - Let Not The Deep Swallow Me Up - Closing Theme

3. The Bitter Suite (10:00)

Part I - Part II

4. Across The River Styx (0:45)

5. A Flock Of Souls (1:46)

6. Along The Towpath (2:03)

7. The Sky Road (1:41)

8. Tears On A Rainy Day (5:01)

9. Tiwai: Island Of The Apes (3:46)

Bats - In The Firmament

10. Wild Voices, Quiet Waters Suite (4:39)

Twilight On The Lake - Winterloons - Waterstar

11. Serenita (2:12)

12. Timepiece (1:52)

13. Field Of Eternity (Excerpts From Original Version) (4:01)

14. The Beggar And The Thief (6:36) Lyrics

All tracks written by Anthony Phillips except Tears On A Rainy Day, 

written by Anthony Phillips and Martin Robertson.


Anthony Phillips: Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals

Martin Robertson: Soprano Saxophone on Tears On A Rainy Day

Joji Hirota: Cymbals on Lifeboat Suite

David Thomas: Guitar on Beggar And The Thief

Ronnie Gunn: Harmonium on Beggar And The Thief

Original UK album release details


Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Brainworks Records BWKD 212

CD re-issues

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK (April 2001) Blueprint Records BP329CD
Japan (November 2007) Arcangelo Records ARC7253 (limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve)
UK (January 2011) Voiceprint Records VP550CD (triple CD set with Finger Painting and Time & Tide)
UK (November 2020) Esoteric Recordings ELEC 52743 (In Missing Links I - IV five CD clamshell box set)


(i) The Blueprint CD re-issue released in 2001 featured new artwork.  This was subsequently replaced with the original artwork from the Brainworks release of the album on the second pressing of the re-issue, which was released in July 2002.

(ii) The 2007 Japanese re-issue featured new artwork, based on another of Ant's original photographs.  This same photo was used for the 2020 re-issue of the album.


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