Various Artists: Beyond An Empty Dream

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Released: April 1975

An album of religious-themed songs (subtitled Songs for a Modern Church) which includes a recording of Take This Heart by the Charterhouse Choral Society. 

Take This Heart written by Anthony Phillips & Mike Rutherford

Recording produced by Anthony Phillips



Original UK album release details

LP (released April 1975):

Country of Release

Record Label Catalogue Number
UK Charisma Records CAS 1101

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Vocal arrangement: W.B. Llewellywyn

Organist: Robin Wells

Recorded in the Chapel at Charterhouse, Godalming, Surrey.

Live recording engineered by Brian Roberts

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Original Album Sleeve Notes

Reflective doesn't always mean quiet.  A much bigger atmosphere is created in this live recording of The Charterhouse Choral Society in their own chapel.  Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford wrote this together and both felt that the live recording held a much better atmosphere than the studio recording which was also tried. (The echoes are real).

Sleeve note written by Tom McGuiness

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The album that included this track has long since been deleted and we believe that the chances of a CD re-issue of the whole album are extremely remote.  Copies do show up for sale from time to time on the collector's market, although this LP is quite elusive.  Ant has the original master tape of Take This Heart in his archive and it is not inconceivable that the track could be re-issued although an agreement on the licensing would have to be made with Virgin Records who now own the rights to the Charisma back catalogue.

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