Discography: Single Releases

This section of the discography gives an overview of the various singles that have been released from Ant's album releases

We would like to thank Jeremy Charlett for supplying the scans of some of the items in this section.

7" single releases

Collections 7" promo single 

Collections / God If I Saw Her Now (1977)

The only single release from Ant's debut solo album The Geese & The Ghost was this promotional-only disc (Vertigo 6837 406) that was released in France, with Collections on the A-side and God If I Her Now on the reverse.




We're All As We Lie / Squirrel / Sitars & Nebulous (1978)

To promote the release of Wise After The Event, an edited version of We're All As We Lie was released in the UK (Arista ARIST 192), the US (Passport PS 7914) and Holland (Vertigo 6079 625).  The B-side to the release were the non-album tracks Squirrel and Sitars & Nebulous - the latter being one of the original link pieces from the album in it's originally planned form.  It was subsequently included on Back To The Pavilion as Von Runker's Yorker Music.

Whilst the UK and US singles were released in a plain single cover, the Dutch release had this unique picture sleeve which uses one of the promo photos of Ant originally taken to tie-in with the release of The Geese & The Ghost the previous year. 

In addition, a promo version of the US 7" single was also issued by Passport Records which also came in a plain cover.

The edited single version of We're All As We Lie and Squirrel have both been included on the Deluxe Edition of Wise After The Event.

Um & Aargh / Souvenir (1979)

To promote the release of Sides, an edited version of Um & Aargh was released in the UK (Arista ARIST 252) and Holland (Vertigo 6079 626).  The B-side of both singles was the non-album track Souvenir.  Both releases had their own picture sleeves; the cover seen here is the Dutch one.

In a further variation, Um & Aargh was issued as a promotional-only jukebox 7" release in France (Vertigo 6837 565) with Side Door on the reverse.

The edited single version of Um & Aargh and Souvenir have both been included on the Deluxe Edition of Sides.

Prelude '84 / Anthem 1984 (1981)

RCA Records released Prelude '84 from 1984 as a single to promote the release of the album, coupling it with the album's closing track Anthem 1984.  

This single was released in the UK (RCA RCA 102) and Spain (RCA PB 5378) - both releases came with picture sleeves with some variations between the two.  The sleeve for the UK release is seen here; the design for the reverse used a photo of Ant in the studio at Send which was also included on an insert included with initial copies of the UK vinyl pressing of 1984.  The rear of the Spanish sleeve included a short text biography of Ant on a plain background.

Both tracks on the single are exactly the same as the album versions.

The Anthem From Tarka / The Rising Spring (1988)

To promote the release of Tarka in 1988, PRT Records released a 'single mix' version of The Anthem From Tarka as a single (PRT PYS 18) with the non-album track The Rising Spring as the B-side.  The single was also released by EMI Records in Australia (EMI 2233); this version came in a company sleeve.

The UK release came in the picture sleeve seen here.

The 'single mix' of The Anthem From Tarka has yet to appear on any other release.  Part of The Rising Spring is included in Movement 2 of Tarka on the 1996 CD re-issue but the full length version of the track has not been released elsewhere. 

12" single release

Sally / The Women Were Watching / Exocet (1984)

The only single release from the Invisible Men album was Sally, which was issued as a 12" single by Street Tunes Records (JJ 102-12) in the UK in the Spring of 1984.  There was no corresponding 7" single release.  In keeping with the UK release of the album, the single was credited to The Anthony Phillips Band.  

Two tracks were included on the B-side - The Women Were Watching and Exocet - the latter receiving it's first release in the UK as it had been replaced by It's Not Easy on the album when it was released by Street Tunes. 



CD single release

The Anthem From Tarka (1988)

In addition to the 7" single release of The Anthem From Tarka listed above, PRT Records also released a CD single version (PRT PYD18) which included three further tracks.  The complete track listing of the CD single is as follows:

1. The Anthem From Tarka (single mix) (4:41)

2. The Rising Spring (1:30)

3. Excerpt from Tarka - Movement I, Part I (4:01)

4. Excerpt from Tarka - Movement III (3:00)

5. The Anthem From Tarka (single mix extended version) (6:05)

The CD single was released in a card sleeve with the same artwork as the 7" single release.


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