Survival Special: Wild Voices, Quiet Waters


The common loon, also known as the great northern diver, is a much loved symbol in the folklore of north America. With its dazzling plumage and haunting call it was also one of the lesser known stars of the film On Golden Pond. Husband and wife team Andrew Anderson and Dodo Humphreys have followed the loon throughout a year on the northern lakes. They explore the preservation work of people who make artificial islands for nest sites, rescue birds trapped in ice, and help to promote the loon's cause in the face of threats to its habitats from pollution, tourism, fishing, and natural enemies like racoons and turtles.

Transmission history

First broadcast on ITV on 26th July 1992 between 5.30 and 6.30 pm

Repeated on Channel 4 on March 23rd 1996 as part of the Hidden Kingdoms series

Repeated on Channel 4 on 20th June 1998

Repeated on Channel 5 on 14th May 1999 (listed in some billings as 'Wild Voices')

Duration: 60 minutes


Narrated by Hywel Bennett

Repeat version narrated by Ian Holm

Music by Anthony Phillips

Filmed by Andrew Anderson and Dodo Humphreys

Produced by Petra Regent

NB: For reasons unknown, Ant did not receive an on-screen credit in the final programme.

Music Details

A selection of some of the music from this programme (together with some material recorded for it but not used in the final programme) was released on The Sky Road

A further selection of music from the programme is included on the Expanded 2 CD re-issue of Wildlife



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