Included here are the lyrics to most of the songs from Ant's albums. 

Also check out our complete A-Z List of songs included on Ant's albums, which includes the dates they were written and recorded.

The lyrics for each album have their own individual page which you can access by clicking on the song titles below.  

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The Geese And The Ghost    Wise After The Event    Sides    Private Parts & Pieces

Back To The Pavilion    Invisible Men    A Catch At The Tables   New England    

The Sky Road    Dragonfly Dreams    Archive Collection Volume 2    Take This Heart


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The Geese & The Ghost


Which Way The Wind Blows

God If I Saw Her Now


Master of Time

Silver Song

Only Your Love

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Wise After The Event 




We're All As We Lie



Wise After The Event

Pulling Faces




Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends?)


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Um & Aargh

I Want Your Love

Lucy Will

Side Door

Holy Deadlock


Bleak House


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Private Parts & Pieces



Seven Long Years

Silver Song

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Back To The Pavilion 


I Saw You Today

Lucy- An Illusion

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Invisible Men




My Time Has Come

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A Catch At The Tables



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New England



Unheard Cry

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The Sky Road 


The Beggar & The Thief

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 Dragonfly Dreams 



She'll Be Waiting


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Archive Collection Volume 2


Child Song


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Take This Heart


Take This Heart

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