Survival Special: Land of Dragons



Hong Kong, the great crossroads of the South China Seas, is a city known to millions.  Yet behind its glittering facade lies another unexpected world of creatures as strange and colourful as the Orient itself. 

Transmission history

Duration 60 minutes

First broadcast on 21st July 1989 between 8:00 and 9:00 pm on ITV

Repeated on 6th July 1991 as part of Kingdoms of the East series on Channel 4

Repeated on 6th April 1992 on Channel 4

Repeated on 7th February 1999 as a programme in the series Wild Secrets on Channel 5


Narrated by Andrew Sachs

Filmed by Michael Pitts

Music by Anthony Phillips

Written and produced by Caroline Brett

Music Details

The music from this programme was released on Finger Painting.


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