God's Chosen Car Park

A Limehouse production for Channel 4


Nathaniel Box, a self-styled prophet, along with his daughter Barbara and her fiancé Curtis, holds a night time press conference in an underground car park,
devoutly believing that "a new Messiah for a New Age" will appear there before dawn - and their wait does not go unrewarded. 

Transmission history

First broadcast on Channel 4 on 1st December 1986 between 9:00 and 10:00 pm
Duration: 60 minutes


Starring Ian Lavender, John Bird, Emrys James, Peter Capaldi

Written by Lesley Bruce

Music by Anthony Phillips

Produced by Susi Hush

Directed by Robert Chetwyn

Music Details

One piece of the music for this programme (The Golden Pathway) was released on Slow Waves, Soft Stars.

Three pieces of the music from the programme (Processional, Meditation & Cave Painting) were released as God's Chosen Car Park Suite on Finger Painting.


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