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Reference Library

Reference Library  
Welcome to our reference library, which provides information on a number of subjects in detail.

 This section is a work in progress and material continues to be added to it over time.  


Music by Anthony Phillips

Music for Media: UK Television Commissions

Details of the programmes for which Ant (and later Ant in collaboration with Joji Hirota) was commissioned to compose and record original music that were primarily (although not exclusively) intended for broadcast on UK Television.


Music composed by Anthony Phillips 

Music for Media: Other Television, Film & Video work

Details of the other programmes and productions for which Ant was commissioned to compose and record original music where the resulting production has only been broadcast on a satellite channel or other non-UK based TV channel or alternatively was not intended for broadcast at all.




CD Release Dates Music for Media: Soundtrack Releases

A complete listing of the music that Ant has written and recorded (either on his own or in collaboration with Joji Hirota) for Television and Audio Visual productions which has been included on commercial CD releases


AP on TV

AP on TV

This section details Ant's appearances in person on various television programmes between 1987 and 2014.






Radio Projects

Details of three BBC Radio Scotland drama projects for which Ant has provided the music.  The music for two of the programmes was co-written with Roger Patterson. 

In order of transmission these were Barabbas The Witness (1995), A Venture Too Far (1999) and Bread From The Air, Gold From The Sea (2001).






Radio Sessions

Details of the two major radio sessions of 'live in the studio' performances that Ant has recorded for Radio Clyde (July 1978) and Echoes in the 'Living Room Concert' series (March 1993).




CD Release Dates
CD Release Chronology

A comprehensive listing of the release dates for Ant's albums on CD.

Songs Index Songs Index

A comprehensive alphabetical listing of the songs included on Ant's albums.



Previously located in the News section of the site, our Projects section has now been re-located here and the content has been revised and updated.

The section includes information relating to the preparation of Archive Collection Volume 2 in 2004 and the 2008 re-issues of The Geese & The Ghost, Wise After The Event and 1984.


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