Other TV & Film projects

These are most of the other TV and film projects for which Ant has been commissioned to provide the music.  

Most of the projects listed in this section will have their own pages added in time (accessible by clicking on the relevant title) with details of the content of the programme, the availability of the music on Ant's albums and other details.  

Project Title Year of production Project details Notes
Substitute 1972 A student film  
Fantomas 1973 A student film  
 A Voyage To Save The Whale 1980 A Greenpeace film covering their campaign to save whales. Also known as Destination Iceland
The Electric Miracle 1984 Panasonic UK promotional film  
The New Alchemists 1986 Promotional film for The Design Council.  
Volvo Tour English Open 1989 Coverage of European Golf Tournament Music written and recorded in collaboration with Andy Latimer
Bush Babies 1990 Nature documentary about the life of Bush Babies  
Whitbread 1993-94 Newsletter 1991 In-house promotional video for Round-the-World Yacht Race  

Hoi Ha Wan   

1992 Documentary about an inland lake in Hong Kong  
Crowned Lemurs and the Crocodile Caves 2000 Documentary about wildlife in Madagascar Music written and recorded in collaboration with Joji Hirota
Secrets of the Amazon 2003 Pilot programme for a planned 7-part series  


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