AP on TV

This section features a complete chronology of Ant's appearances in person on various television shows over the years.  

Each of the programmes will have it's own page added in due course with additional details and information.


  Programme Television Channel Date of first transmission
Ant on New Visions New Visions VH1 (US) 25th October 1987
Genesis: The Story So Far BBC 2 (UK) 31st March 1991
Hidrogen TVC (Spain) 26th June 1997
Genesis: Archive 1967 - 75 VH1 (US & UK) 14th July 1998
Behind The Music: Genesis VH1 (US & UK) 19th December 1999
The Genesis Songbook Channel 5 (UK) 29th April 2001
This Is Your Life: Mike Rutherford BBC 1 (UK) 23rd January 2003
Bargain Hunt BBC 1 (UK) 20th December 2013
Genesis: Together And Apart BBC 2 (UK) 4th October 2014
Ant on London Live  London Live News London Live (UK)  24th October 2019 

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