Radio Clyde Session 1978

In July 1978 as part of the promotion for Wise After The Event, Ant recorded a 'live' session at Radio Clyde in Scotland.  This is a list of the tracks that Ant played together with transcriptions of his introductions to the songs.  Some of them are not entirely serious and they also include some references that are now out of date.  In 2003 Voiceprint Records made an official release of this session on CD.


The first piece I'm going to play is an instrumental without title, which is due to appear on the forthcoming album of guitar solos and duets, dubiously titled Private Parts & Pieces, the adventures of a young subaltern in the Indian Army at the turn of the century.  This piece also exists in more fully arranged form as the accompanying music to the banquet scene in Macbeth, which is not released at the moment and which has bass and drums from Mike Rutherford and Andy McCulloch.


This next song is a song from the new album Wise After The Event.


This next instrumental is another track from the forthcoming album Private Parts & Pieces and is in fact an air transcribed from the original three bagpipe and tuned rear mudguard versions of some 18th century Swedish cycling songs.  I'd like to dedicate it to Eric Njorl.

Conversation Piece

The next piece I'm going to play is an adaptation of Palestrina's set of impromptus on Mozart's variation on a theme by Sir William, in fact it is the first movement of a guitar, strings and wind quintet which I wrote about 45 years ago.

Silver Song

This next piece is entitled The Silver Song and was written as a farewell to one of the Genesis drummers called John Silver.  It's definitely an audience participation sing-along song, so let's have you all singing along at home.

Master of Time

This next song I would like to dedicate to Big Ben and all members of the 24th Asard Himalayan Horologists Regiment. 

Which Way The Wind Blows

This next song is called Which Way The Wind Blows, from my first album The Geese And The Ghost, or as we all now know it, The Crease In My Coat

Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends)?

This song is from Wise After The Event and I would to dedicate it to all the people who are trying to do something about stopping the needless cruelty and suffering to animals.

Field of Eternity

This next piece I'm going to endeavour to play is also from the Private Parts & Pieces albums, and it's called Field of Eternity.

Postlude: End of the Season

Finally, I would like to bow out with a little postscript piece called Last One To Leave, and I'd like to thank everyone at Radio Clyde for a smashing session.  Thank you lads!

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