Various Artists: Terra-X


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Original-Soundtrack Zur ZDF-Serie

Released: 20th September 1990

A compilation of music used in the German TV series Terra X

Includes the tracks Aurora and Drama by Ant - both of these tracks are included on Pathways & Promenades (the latter under the new title of Ironclad). 

A different mix of Drama is included on Finger Painting under the title Dungeons.




Album release details

Double LP/CD

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
Germany CBS Records 467 595 2


Complete track listing

CD 1 CD 2

The Alan Parsons Project: II Arrival (2:39)

Joe Mubare: This Man (5:50)

Kristian Schultze: Chorus (9:15)

Jarvis/Dowling Burrage: Lost Tribes (3:57)

Ed Ernst: Rafts (3:26)

Yello: Blue Green (5:25)

Anthony Phillips: Aurora (3:50)

Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois: Sirens (3:06)

Palmström: Leche (3:05)

Shaw/Rogers: In The Void (3:08)

Software: Sea-Gulls-Audience (6:28)


Andreas Vollenweider: Steam Forest (4:58)

Palmstrom: La Palma (2:25)

Anthony Phillips: Drama (2:37)

Software: Cosmic Excursion (10:22)

Shaw/Rogers: Space Drone D (1:31)

Joe Mubare: I Love My Father Very Much (4:51)

Paradise: Love Theme (4:11)

Yello: Homer Hossa (5:15)

Ennio Morricone E La Sua Orchestra: Il Colpo (2:20)

Ed Ernst: Great Southern Sky (3:31)

David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir: Kyrie Opening (5:12)

Klangraum: Magic Moais (4:05)


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