This Is Your Life: Mike Rutherford

Recorded at Teddington Studios, Teddington Lock, Middlesex on 20th September 2002

Broadcast on BBC1 on 23rd January 2003 between 19:00 and 19:30

Duration: 30 minutes

Hosted by Michael Aspel

When Mike Rutherford was invited to take part in an interview which was to be recorded at Teddington Studios in September 2002, he had no idea what lay in store for him.  As he walked through the car park at the studios he passed a racing car that a few men in overalls were working on.  One of the men in overalls turned around and said hello - Mike got quite a surprise from this as the man in question was Phil Collins!  He got an even bigger surprise as Michael Aspel then came forward with the famous red book, announced that he was Mike, added that the men working on the car were of course The Mechanics and they were all there to say, "Mike Rutherford - This Is Your Life".

Ant was one of the guests on the show and was introduced as part of a group of Genesis-related guests that came on following Phil Collins and Tony Banks.  The other guests that came on with Ant were Steve Hackett, Ray Wilson, Les Adey (the band's lighting engineer in the early 1970s), Bill Bruford and John Silver.

As part of the show Ant told an anecdote about Mike's guitar lead not working at Anon's debut performance at Charterhouse in December 1965.  Unfortunately this wasn't included in the programme when it was broadcast.

Mike Rutherford

Ant on This Is Your Life

Some of the guests on the show


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