Lyrics: Take This Heart


Take This Heart (Written in 1972)

Take this heart
And fill it with gladness
Father, teach us to forgive
That we may be forgiven
All the selfish dreams
We've sought in vain.
Lead us through the gathering dusk,
Our day of toil is done
As the evening hour draws nigh.
Our weary spirit craves thy blessing
Here we've built a heaven in thy name
And here we'll stay forever
Strong in thy faith,
To thee O Saviour we offer our praise,
Take our lives into thy hands,
So pure and calm we'd be.
Take our hearts
And fill them with gladness
Father, open up our eyes
That we may show compassion
Bringing forth a torch to light the way
Then life's beauty to behold
Thy power is proclaimed
As the mountains touch the sea,
Lift up our hearts in glad rejoicing
Guide us onward through the coming storm
Or else we perish ere the birth of thy dawn
Children of God out of chaos reborn
Then, at last we'd come to rest
Seated before thy throne on high.
Strong in thy love, ever thine.

Lyrics written by Anthony Phillips & Mike Rutherford
© Stratsong Ltd.  Reproduced by permission.

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