Various Artists: Harmony for Elephants


Harmony for Elephants

First released: 1st December 2016

A collection of tracks by Various Artists recorded especially to accompany the fine art book of the same name, which was available exclusively via a Kickstarter campaign.

The CD (without the fine art book) was given a full commercial release on 25th May 2018

  Esoteric Antenna EANTCD1064




Track listing


1. Nad Sylvan: Eventide (6:40)

2. Steve Hackett, Anthony Phillips, Roger King: In A Perfect World (3:07)

3. Tony Patterson: See The Dream (4:46)

4. Anthony Phillips: Sunset Trail (1:55)

5. Rob Townsend: Play For Time, Time For Play (4:47)

6. Amanda Lehmann: We Are One (4:58)

7. Nick Magnus: Crossing The Savannah (3:51)

8. Andy Tillison Diskdrive: Two Rope Swings (6:29)

9. Anthony Phillips: The Elephant's Tale (5:58)

10. Anna Madsen: This Is Our Home (3:34)

11. Steve Hackett: Lorato (2:09)

12. Dale Newman: Everyone Should Know (3:04)

13. Brendan Eyre: Rivers of Fire (4:22)

14. Andy Neve: Speak For Me (6:48)

15. Andy Neve: Into the Lens (4:57) (Bonus Track)


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