Various Artists: Double Exposure


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Released: 1987

A compilation of recordings from a diverse selection of artists.

Cover photography: Rob Whitrow

Sleeve Design: Tim Bowness

Includes the original version of Promenade by Ant - an alternate version of this track is included on Archive Collection Vol. 1



Album release details

Double LP

Country of Release Record Label Catalogue Number
UK No Man's Land (No number given)


Complete track listing

LP 1 - Side One LP 1 - Side Two

Isthar: M' Allegro (Opus 5)  (4:48)
The Bond: Seriously Siblings (7:38)
Mazlyn Jones: First Light (4:46)
Heimdal: Somnis (6:56)


No Man Is An Island: Faith's Last Doubt (7:10)
Anthony Phillips: Promenade (4:07)
Rousseau: Breakfast at Tiffany's (4:26)
Airspeed: Far Away Screams (4:08)
Haze: In The End (4:42)
LP 2 - Side One LP 2 - Side Two

Plenty: Forest Almost Burning/Sacrifice (8:03)
Rog Patterson: Party Piece (4:47)
Gladriel: Summit (11:27)


Abel Ganz: Dangers of Strangers (7:08)
Wierdstone: Circles (7:09)
Egdon Heath: In The City (5:46)
Notturno Cocertante: Nocturne (2:46)


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