The Alice Archive

A collection of material relating to Ant and Richard Scott's musical Alice, which was staged at the Leeds Playhouse in 1984.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Alice but, instead of falling down a rabbit hole, she got hitched up on a computer date.  This technologically superior 'Alice' is the heroine of a new rock musical written by Richard Scott, a social psychologist, and Anthony Phillips, who hates being tagged as 'founder member of the rock group Genesis' but was.  Now he is relishing the very different problems of writing a musical. (From a press preview article)

About the show

Alice was staged at the Leeds Playhouse between 22nd March and 14th April 1984.


Main Credits

The Cast  

The Songs


Alice in the press

Alice attracted quite a sizeable amount of press coverage at the time, much of which you can read here. 

Alice -Press File #1

Alice - Press File #2

  Alice - Press File #3  

Alice - Press File #4  


Alice memorabilia

Some scans of various items related to the show, including an original flyer and the front cover of the programme.

Alice Memorabilia



A transcript of an interview that Ant and Richard Scott gave to Brian Matthew about Alice on the BBC Radio 2 show Around Midnight.  Interview broadcast on 29th March 1984.

Alice Around Midnight  

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