Alice: The Cast

The details of the original cast and musicians who performed in the show

Alice Sally Ann Triplett
The Mathmagician Bruce Payne
The Queen of Hearts Femi Taylor
Security Michael Skyers
The Cat Peter Alex Newton
Butterfly Williams Andy Hampton
The Cook Michael Skyers
The Duchess Isabelle Lucas
The Hacker David Easter
Doris Lisa Kent
Clare Jane Danielle
Professor Turtle Stanley Fleet
Allocatamates Jane Danielle
Rebels Lisa Dawn-Hart
Pupils Lisa Kent
Alan Forrester
Ray Lewis
Rory McDermott and the Company

The Musicians

Musical Director, keyboards, programming Kevin Fitzsimmons
Assistant to Musical Director, keyboards, programming Alex Grigelis
Six and twelve string acoustic and electric guitars Steve Topping
Bass guitar, double bass, Van Zalinge bass Alan Taylor
Drums, percussion John O'Neill


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