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Pathways & Promenades

Missing Links Volume 4: Pathways & Promenades

This collection brings together for the first time most of the tracks that Ant has written and recorded over the years that have only ever been released on compilation albums.  With most of the compilations now long out-of-print and increasingly hard to find, Pathways and Promenades provides an excellent opportunity for these particular Missing Links to be heard once again.  

Limited item - only two copies left in stock!

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Seventh Heaven 

A double album of orchestral and acoustic portraits from Ant and composer & arranger Andrew Skeet.

Featured soloists on the album include singers Lucy Crowe and Belinda Sykes, guitarist John Parricelli, cellist Chris Worsey, percussionist Paul Clarvis and sax & woodwind player Martin Robertson, who has contributed to a number of Ant's previous album releases.

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Ant's collaborative release with Harry Williamson - originally released in 1988 by PRT Records, the album was re-issued with new cover artwork and additional music on this second edition.

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Archive Collection Volume One 
Archive Collection Volume One

First released in March 1998, this CD features a selection of previously unreleased recordings including demos that Ant recorded with Mike Rutherford in September 1969, just prior to Genesis playing their first live shows. 

This pressing also includes the extra CD EP with five additional tracks that was issued with the first release of the album.

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Archive Collection Volume Two 

Archive Collection Volume Two

Originally released in 2004, this double CD release features previously unreleased pieces and variations recorded between 1971 and 1988.

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Archive Collection Volume OneArchive Collection Volume Two  Archive Collection Bundle Offer

Buy both Volumes of Archive Collection together at a special price.

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Sail The World

Originally released in 1994, Sail The World features the music that Ant wrote and recorded to accompany the television coverage of the 1993-94 Whitbread Round The World Yacht Race.  In 2010, the album was reissued in this re-mastered edition.

Following the original release of the album, most of the tracks were subsequently re-mixed for use as library pieces and this second edition, which was re-mastered by Simon Heyworth, includes the re-mixed versions.  It also includes three extra tracks not included on the original release along with brand new artwork and sleeve notes to make this the definitive edition of Sail The World.

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Between 1994 and 2000 Ant and Joji Hirota collaborated on a number of outstanding soundtracks for wildlife television programmes in the award-winning Survival series.  In addition, Anthony also wrote and recorded the music for a programme in the BBC series The Natural World.  

Now for the first time highlights from these richly atmospheric and evocative soundtracks are available on Wildlife.  From the flooded forests of the Amazon to the huge expanses of the Serengeti, from the cold wastes of Kamchatka in Russia to the peaceful tranquillity of the Norfolk countryside - the music of Wildlife reflects these habitats and the amazingly diverse range of creatures that populate them.

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  Sail The World and Wildlife Bundle Offer

Buy Sail The World and Wildlife together at a special price.

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Missing Links Volumes I - III

A triple CD re-issue of the first three albums in the Missing Links series - Finger Painting, The Sky Road and Time & Tide.  All three albums now have new artwork and with a total playing time of three hours, this set provides excellent value.

The Missing Links series was begun as a way to fill in some of the gaps in Ant's commercially released musical output and allow fans the opportunity to hear some of his Library and Television music.  The series began in 1989 with the release of the first volume Finger Painting (initially made available as a limited edition cassette release) which featured selections from various projects that Ant had written and recorded over the previous ten years.  A second volume - The Sky Road - followed in 1994, featuring a further selection of Library and Television pieces alongside previously unreleased album pieces and archive tracks.  The third volume - Time & Tide - was released in 1997 and brought together for the first time on a commercial release the best of Ant's collaborative work with Joji Hirota, much of which has been featured on award-winning programmes in the long-running Survival series. 

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