Photo Gallery

This section of the site features a number of images from different eras of Ant's career.

The photos here are included on the site for viewing purposes only - if you require images of Ant for publication in any form then please contact us.

Click on the photo or the page title to view the images in a larger size. 


1968: The first Genesis publicity photos

1969: Some Genesis-era photos


1979: Ant at the time Sides was being recorded

1980: Ant during the recording of 1984


1981: Photos of Ant

1983: The Anthony Phillips Band - promoting Invisible Men


1984: Portrait Photos

1985: Portrait Photo

1995: Ant with Guillermo Cazenave 1998: The Genesis reunion at Heathrow Airport

1999: Portrait photos 2000: Ant with friend and fan Richard Schmid

2002: Ant with Quique Berro Garcia 2002: Photos of Ant for Nobody's Land magazine

2008: New photos of Ant


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