Private Parts & Pieces V - VIII

Esoteric Recordings ECLEC52561

Release date: 23rd September 2016

Esoteric Recordings is proud to announce the release of a 5CD clamshell boxed set of the second four albums in the Private Parts & Pieces series. 

Alongside album releases such as The Geese & The Ghost, Wise After the Event, Sides, Slow Dance, 1984 and Field Day, Anthony is also known for the successful series of Private Parts & Pieces albums. Beginning in 1978 the first four volumes featured an extensive range of music recorded by Ant for various projects (going as far back as 1972) and came to be regarded by fans as essential collections of his wide and diverse compositional work.

Now, Anthony Phillips and Jonathan Dann have compiled this 5 disc deluxe set, which gathers together the second four Private Parts & Pieces albums, along with an additional 19-track CD of previously unreleased material. Private Parts & Pieces V - VIII is the definitive statement on these classic albums.

The set includes a lavish booklet with an essay by Jonathan Dann and fully restores the artwork of the original vinyl releases.

Private Parts & Pieces V - VII is due for release on 23rd September 2016 and is available to pre-order now from Cherry Red and Amazon.

Private Parts & Pieces V - VIII

Track listing


Private Parts & Pieces V

Private Parts & Pieces V: Twelve

1. January

2. February

3. March

4. April

5. May

6. June

7. July

8. August

9. September

10. October

11. November

12. December


Private Parts & Pieces IV: Ivory Moon

Suite: Sea-Dogs Motoring 

1. (i) Sunrise Over Sienna

2. (ii) Basking Shark

3. (iii) Sea Dog’s Air

4. (iv) Safe Havens

5. Tara’s Theme (from Masquerade)

6. Winter's Thaw

7. The Old House

8. Moonfall (from Masquerade)

9. Rapids

Bonus Track

10. Let Us Now Make Love


Private Parts & Pieces VII: Slow Waves, Soft Stars

Ice Flight: 

1. (i) Flight Of The Snow Petrel: Glacier Bay

2. (ii) Flight Of The Whale-Birds: Blizzard Mountain

3. (iii) Flight Of The Albatross: Ice Island

4. (iv) White Heaven

5. (v) Cathedral Of Ice

6. Beachrunner

7. End Of The Affair

8. The Golden Pathway

9. Behind The Waterfall

10. Carnival

11. Through The Black Hole

12. Pluto Garden

13. Sospirando

14. Elevenses

15. Goodbye Serenade

16. Bubble And Squeak

17. Vanishing Streets

18. Slow Waves, Soft Stars

Private Parts & Pieces VIII: New England

1: Aubade

2: Infra Dig

3: Sanctuary

4: La Dolorosa

5: New England Suite (i)

6: New England Suite (ii)

7: New England Suite (iii)

8: Last Goodbyes

9: Sunrise and Sea Monsters

10: Iona

11: Cathedral Woods

12: If I Could Tell You

13: Jaunty Roads

14: Spirals

15: Pieces of Eight (i) Pressgang

16: Pieces of Eight (ii) Sargasso

17: Pieces of Eight (iii) Sea-Shanty

18: In The Maze

19: Unheard Cry

20: Now They’ve All Gone


Private Parts & Extra Pieces II 

Private Parts & Extra Pieces II

1. Cathedral Woods Link

2. Jongleur

3. Sanctuary (piano mix)

4. Emerald Forest

5. Unheard Cry Link

6. Skylarks Over The Water

7. Sir Isaac (from Masquerade)

8. Across The Forbidding Horizon

9. End of the Affair II

10. Autumn Falls

11. Beachrunner II

12. Highland Dawn

13. Sanctuary Link

14. Unheard Cry (Guitar Demo)

15. Moonfall (from Masquerade) (Demo)

16. Pluto Garden (Alternate Mix)

17. Cathedral of Ice (Alternate Mix)

18. A Place To Rest

19. The Riddle of the Sands


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