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Hallo Anthony,


Thank you so much for Geese, Wise After the Event, Private Parts, Love in a Hot air balloon , I want Your Love, k2, Trespass,songs which accompanied my live since 1978....I just bought the missing link Box and hear it right now on Spotify....Great!...greetings from Bavaria...Klaus





Hi, just a short note to tell you that in these difficult and uncertain times, listening to 1984 really raises my spirits and makes me smile. It never fails. Pure genius.


Thank you Ant.


Rob L



Hi Ant,

Just wanted to let you know I've been a massive fan of your solo work since I was introduced to Geese & the Ghost back in 1982 by a friend at university.

Having bought and listened to everything you have produced since then, I can confidently say that I've never heard a better 12-string guitarist.  

You're quite simply a master of that instrument, with an ability to evoke such emotion every time.  The P&P "Twelve" album is amazing and stands out in my prog collection above all else

Thank you immensely.

Your music has truly seen me through some tough times in life.

Keep it going Ant.



The lyrics are works of art and I study them alone.

Please continue

I do not know how to thank you for your incredible works.  They are inspiring and mystifying. Your lyrics to me stand alone as poetry honoring life through your perception of life, pointing out what I have yet to see, a treasure to behold. Your are great and ever working.

Laura Miles.



Hi Anthony,

My father died nearly 3 years ago & he had long been a fan of yours. I myself had fallen in love with Private Parts & Pieces VIII New England as soon as I heard it. Over the last couple of years, I have begun to listen to your music far more. Like many people who have already left comments on this page, I'd like to thank you for all the wonderful music you've created over the years. My father & I used to sit & listen to your albums together.

He particularly loved Lullaby - Old Father Time from Private Parts & Pieces 1 & listening to this piece of music now always brings me fond memories of him.

Many thanks again,

Mathew Green.

I'd like to express my deepest feelings and emotions by Anthony's music and also to thank Anthony for his pure dedication into listeners souls by writing such heavenly work.
No other music touched my heart and soul like Ant's pieces of work. Truly! 
Also I like early Genesis in which Ant took place.
Oh, the "Pathways & Promenades" and "City of dreams" are music from other world. It is so well written, so pure and so heartful. I believe that these series will be continued.

Thanks again, Anthony!
Sergey from Moscow.


Hi Ant,

I just recently replayed Wise After the Event, then I played it twice, then three, four and five times.  It has to be one of my all-time favorite albums.  From the artistic and whimsical lyrics to the many layers of sound it is a true masterpiece.  I am happy to see the recognition you received for such a splendid recording it will be dear to me for years to come. 

Thanks for the Music!

P.S.  We have a real nice performing arts center in Appleton, WI…would love to see it live!

Robert Snider

Hello, just to say I appreciate very much your music.

Hearing Slow Dance, on the 2nd part when starting the "synth arpeggiator" music that is too great !  I just have to describe because for me is a masterpiece and it sounds by now in my mind, i even take notes on how is written for how much i like it and how entirely all parts comes one after another in a such way.

I don't know from where come this style of music with synth arpeggiatos and orchestra, have listen some of Hans Zimmer, Richard Harvey, but no one get near this one on Slow Dance.

Starts synth arpeggiatos, then classic period music (kinda by far Mozart, Vivaldi period and harmony), a short progression, then I don't know why flying to Mexico with that trumpet (incredible), a short going up like Vangelis (but is yours at 150%), then come back to the classic start, progression, then again a flight but now to Arabian winds (how so wonderful !?), then some powerful chords and tension that bring to ... MAJOR harmony and a wonderful theme, then all from the start but now in MAJOR and so powerful and great! And after that the progression longer, so beauty, and the last powerful after piccolo flute I think. Then Back the start and close up. And all this so well write, with perfect form tension resolve, it is kinda even mathematical but even all the opposite so free in all parts and choice, there is all synth, classic,  all have such a consistency, and I listen many times and still i'm very interested.

Thank Anthony for write this music !

Well done!

A. D.


Massive fan of 1984.  Listened to this album when Walkmans were all the rage, sounded great too - with quality headphones.  Brought back some happy, happy memories - thanks for some great music!

Adrian HW

Hi Anthony,

Just wanted to thank you for some of the most beautiful music I've ever listened to.  Been a fan since the 70's when I was attending college in Halifax Nova Scotia.  Many an evening was spent studying with your music in the background.  I can't begin to describe the wondrous places your music took me to.

Thank you,

Neil Campbell, Inverness NS, Canada

Hello dear Anthony,

I really want you to know that in my opinion, you are one of the best artists we have on the planet. Each and every album you have created is a gift the world got. Not only the listener can feel the emotions and the content you are delivering, but can also find his own individual feeling in each song and literally "say" his opinion, like singing along with the track.

Your latest album, "City of Dreams" as a part of the Private Parts and Pieces series, is one of your successful. It's very touching, very emotional, very connectable, very interesting. Every time I decide to listen, I find out new things I haven't noticed before.

I am thinking you are, and this I would like to emphasize, brilliant.

Thank you very much!

Sincerely yours,

Tal Eylon, Israel

I'm not here to rant on and on about how amazing Anthony Phillips is, anyone who explores his discography would know. I want to genuinely thank you for putting such music out. When I was facing the hardship that life threw at me, I couldn't bear it. Then I simply put in Soiree and realize the beauty hiding in the world. I listen to nearly one Phillips album a night, and I haven't had a nightmare in nearly a year now. I couldn't imaging my world without Ant. Easily my favorite artist, and will remain that way forever.

Brandon Hekel

Dear Anthony!

I’ve listened all of your albums and understood: you are the great musician! How you were right leaving Genesis! You found them their sound and quit them at all. And now you are bigger, wider, deeper. I love Phil, Peter and Steve, Of course. Who’s best? You are.

Alexey. Moscow, Russia

Had the pleasure investigating Ant's own compositions for the first time this week having met him whilst playing background violin music for a dinner party for the first time last week (yes - I realise this should have been the other way round)... his thanking me being the icing on the evening.

For longstanding mainstream fans, it may be of interest - though not a surprise to learn -  that Ant is a supremely talented writer, his after-dinner speech Shakespearian and hilarious.

Tom Weale  

Just put on "Sides" tonight on vinyl.  I have a pristine early pressing and it is just a wonderfully beautiful recorded record.  Not only are the songs creative, the production values are exquisite.  I have the kind of stereo set up with tube amps and proper horn driven speakers that really bring the recording to life.  It's a wonderful album, and listening experience and I appreciate the efforts you made so many years ago to bring this experience into my listening room so many years later.

John Miner (Art Rock Circus)

Hi folks,

I was very lucky as a teenager in Australia in the 80s that a guy running a record store was a Genesis nut and had all of Anthony's albums. He played the opening 30 seconds of 1984 and I felt an immediate rush that this was the type of composer who I had always imagined must be out there somewhere but no-one knew much about. I was consumed by record hunting fever for the next few years back then, traipsing all over Sydney to find the others. This is nearly 30 years ago. I still have 1984 playing in my car almost continuously sometimes. It just refuses to wear off although I can spot the odd flawed moment.  I think it was difficult for really gifted writers to maintain that level of inspiration back then because they were all still learning and the knowledge required to inspire that level of creativity was more difficult to access. 

Just my funny concept of it all and of course the industry was buggered and continued to decline over the next few decades. People like Ant are so essential for other creators. They show that true talent is a force that can not be held back in some way and that while there is so much mediocre music out there, at least there is evidence that the whole thing isn't just a con.

I wish you had managed to stay in Genesis somehow. A ridiculous idea I know but what was lacking in their music after you left was a textural and compositional counterbalance for the Banks steamroller and I believe that Genesis would have produced albums in the early 70s that would be looked upon with complete awe. As it is I cringe a bit these days because the abundant talent they had kind of failed to really gel without the Antmeister. Alas!! When you appeared in the Genesis Songbook in front of your keyboards I sat bolt upright, pointing at the TV, telling my girlfriend, "wow!! if only he hadn't left they would have been twice as good." In some parallel universe there is a few albums that meld the collective talent into something greater than the sum of it' s parts. Luckily for us listeners the succeeding generations have utilised these ideas so effectively. 


So thanks for the endless hours of deep appreciation and those to come.

Julian from Sydney Australia.


This evening I purchased The Geese and the Ghost from iTunes, and feel like I recovered a long-lost jewel which I never expected to hold again.  My well-worn vinyl copy was long ago loaned without return to someone I soon lost contact with.  I decided at that time to consider the loss of one of my favorite albums as a gift to the Universe, and to think of it as a life-lesson.  But I have missed this album so much.  I have been woefully out-of-touch with the wonderful world of digital music files until recently.  So I had long-since decided to consider the loss of this music, which was so important and formative to me, as permanent.  To hear this exceptional album again, after about 25 years, really nearly makes me weep.  I consider it Anthony Phillips' masterwork, although I enjoy so many "parts and pieces" of his total body of work.  I am a very happy man!

Greg Fail

McKinney, Texas

Congratulations for the tenth anniversary of the excellent web site.

Now to the next 10!

Mario Giammetti

Dear Ant,

I discover your songs just few weeks ago. What a (nice) surprise!

I am a 50 years old man, and I am listening Genesis since I was fifteen.  I still remember my reaction when my brother gave me as gift the album "Nursery Crime"... with a so hard cover: I was just thirteen, and it was like a "nightmare" for me. I refused the gift!  But two years later, listening at songs from "Trespass" I had a better way to introduce myself to the Genesis atmosphere.

Later on, I appreciated so much all Genesis album from "Trespass" to "The Lamb".  I miss that music, especially the acoustic sound that made unique that sound, completely lost when Genesis brought to pop music (what a shame).  Anyway, after 30 years, I discovered your albums, and let me me say that the surprise and emotion were great.

First song I heart from yours was "which way the wind blows"  : simply wonderful. After that I bought the related album, "The geese and the ghost (CD I and II)" and just following "Anthology", "Private parts and pieces I and II", and "wise after the event (CD I and II)", so just a little part of your discography till now.

But it was enough to discover how gorgeous is your sound. You're the Monet of music.

I am convinced it is a shame that you are not known and consequently estimated by more people, but we're not in a perfect word : let people buy shakira, see movies from the twilight sage, see paints of Andy Warhol. We see paints of Monet, and hear your wonderful music.


Gian Piero


Since I bought the LPs "Private Parts and Pieces" and "Trespass" in 1978/79 I am fascinated of Ant's wonderful romantic compositions. In Ant's oeuvre you can find music for all occasions and all different moods. I rediscovered this music in the recent years, and now I own almost all the CDs recorded by Ant over the years.

I learnt some guitar playing since the mid eighties. And last year it was a moving experience for me to play a "concert" (the "Delivery room concert"!) directly after the birth of my little new-born son , including the pieces "Field of Eternity", "Lifer" and "Nocturne" and also Steve Hackett's "Horizons". So Ant's music was the first music he got to know. Hope that has any influence :-) All the best wishes for the people involved in making this website, you're doing a great job!

I'm looking forward to all the future releases.

Best regards,

Gereon Schoplick, Bad Wildungen, Germany

Dear Ant,

I’m 18 years old and from Birmingham in the UK. As a child I never had access to the early Genesis material due to the fact that my parent’s only listen to post-Gabriel Genesis. However, Genesis have always been my favourite band and a few years ago I started delving into music from all eras of the band, and realized that I had been missing out on some of the most beautiful material which was released during your time with the band.

I had to buy your solo work from the internet (not something I particularly enjoy doing, I prefer going to the shops and hand selecting my CD purchases myself), but it was well worth it. I love your solo work, and listen to it all the time. It’s great music for any time of the year, any weather, for good times and bad. I find it very uplifting.

Your songs and musicianship are absolutely phenomenal. There’s no comparison between you and any other artist around.
I suppose to sum up what I’ve been trying to say is for me to tell you: Your music is fantastic.

With kind regards from,

Saul Burbridge

P.S. I enjoyed reading your tribute to John Mayhew. Listening to Trespass I always felt he was one of the underrated members of Genesis. I certainly felt his drumming was a lot better than others, who spoke harshly of his performance on the album.

When I started listening to Genesis, Anthony was the best guitar player I heard.

Thanks, I found this link. The best for you Anthony

Toño Castillo
Producer / Engineer
Creative Consultant


Dear Ant,

I'm an old (age 51) fan from America (Ohio).  I've been digging back into my old Genesis albums, as well as your solo work, because I'm excited that one of my favorite bands may finally get inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame.  I'm glad I found your website.  I thought your tribute to the late John Mayhew was very touching.

I read in an interview with one of the other band members that you were perhaps the most prolific songwriter in the early days.  I love those early Genesis songs.  "From Genesis to Revelation," in my opinion, is highly underrated.  Take away the strings and there are some sublime melodies, harmonies, and arrangements.  You guys put a high value on solid songwriting, which separated you from many other so-called "progressive rock" bands.

Thanks again, and hope to see you at the Hall soon!

Peter Kurtz


Dear Anthony,

Been a loyal fan since hearing you on your late 70’s radio tour in the US (San Jose, CA) where you were interviewed and also performed a 12-string piece. Being a long time Genesis fan, I was immediately transfixed by what I heard. Shortly afterward I picked up “The Geese And The Ghost” in my local Tower Records store, and fell in love with the music. Your music holds a special place in my heart, and has a timeless quality all to rare with much of what passes for “popular” music (then and now).

Keep up the good work my friend.


Jeff Baker

Ant, thanks for every note of your inspirational music.

I appreciate your quality since 1972, when I heard Trespass in Spain, where I lived then.

Now, 2009, I still enjoy your musical productions.

Thank you, God bless U

Luis Manuel Saez Gonzalez

Monterrey, Mexico


Hi Ant,

Recently bought the re-mastered Geese and the Ghost – the memories (of college days) came flooding back.  I always thought the original album was magnificent, but the “bonus” CD adds so much more, the original guitar-only versions are truly beautiful, especially “Which way the wind blows.”

Alan - Cotswolds


Hi dear Ant,

At last now I can say I have your complete collection in CDs (including those remastered double-sets with autograph from Camino Records). Every time I listen to your music I understand from where Genesis got his inspiration and sound back in those marvellous years. You are a great and sensible musician with tunes that touches very deep in our souls. I still keep the "Private Parts and Pieces 2" long-play that Mr. Peter Graves gave me, which made me change the whole experience of listening to music. Thanks for your inspiration.

Greetings from Perú.

Oscar Barreda Cuneo


Hello Anthony, great to send you just few words ! You are the soul of Genesis I don't forget it. Carry on with your great songs, you have a big sensibility and your guitar transmits your feelings with passion. You're a friend of mine, all the best


Hello From France

Just received the Geese & the ghost new remastered with the CD bonus and Wildlife CD.

Thanks very much for taking time to sign them and yes: the geese is flying back again. Since it was out on vinyl, I've always loved this album and I've purchased it when it was first released on CD. This last one one has been played so often that it was presenting some problems here and there so I gladly welcome the re-issue enlightened with the bonus CD. This bonus is very amazing for me as a guitar player since "hidden" parts were difficult to hear. Now I listen to "God if I saw here now" and I'm able to hear some of the guitar parts I didn't in the mixed version. This has always be a favorite to me but never find voices to play it in concert !!

I'll take time to hear your new album too.

Thanks for all
Amitiés de France

I've received "The Geese And The Ghost" and "Wild Life" this morning - utterly fabulous! Truly the best way to have breakfast is munching on a bacon sandwich and hearing "Which Way The Wind Blows".

Cheers Anthony and Joji!

Rob Lewis

Just received my copy of the Geese re-issue. Though I'm never likely to see Ant in concert or ever meet him, the fact that he has signed the CD sleeve makes it's a personal link with a vastly underrated artist.

John, Shrewsbury, Blighty.

Ant, I have been listening to Field Day quite a bit lately and it has got to be one of the most beautiful CDs I've ever heard. The inner photo that you took is perfect for the music. 
I have almost everything you've recorded and I really enjoy putting your music on and just relaxing. I have been a professional musician (bass player) since I was 16 (now 54) and I wish I could have been involved in a project recording material like yours. I appreciate how you create soundscapes, a true artist. 

I am looking forward to the re-issue of The Geese and The Ghost, one of my all time favourites.  Keep up the great work and hopefully you'll put something new out soon. 

Boe Hanson, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Just want to thank you for so many lyrical moments while listening to your music, mostly while cycling or running through beautyful landscapes. You wrote music for every mood, for every moment, every sight and even season or weather.
In my mind these impressions are deeply combined with the music; it may be arrogant but sometimes I felt connected to your thoughts.
Just seeing the light of the downing sun on river Ruhr and hearing *Tregenna Afternoons*, the nearly liquid sound of your guitar seemed to unite with the golden ripples on the water surface, liquid tones and liquid lights. 
I wished my English to be better to express these thoughts.:-((

Some of the titles I prefer most are *Iona* and *Let´s now make love*, only to mention two of them.

Whatever some people say about your voice, I like to listen to your self-sung pieces! But to don't have to add words, you are able to describe sensations with sound like a good painter or author.
Okay, hope you sometimes visit this page, and I'm not very wrong with my suggestions (and my English;-)) 

Apologize me one question: You repeat sometimes melodies you have published before with some other instrumentation and titles, for example in New England one piece you already released on Twelve with additional Cello, or on field day there is some stuff from Back to the Pavilion, Twelve, Antiques and Fields of eternity as far as I remember:
Is this by some special meaning or do you have so many ideas that you just can ´t divide them properly?
I would also be interested to have some contacts to other fans of this remarkable music…
Bye, than, and thanks for reading whoever may do…

Sullhach, Germany

Dear Anthony,

I'm listening to your music for more than 15 years now. Somewhere in the late eighties I was attracted to the LP of "The Geese and The Ghost", having a sticker like "featuring members of Genesis" or something like that. I listened to it many times and in the years that followed I discovered more albums and enjoyed them very much. Some of them were quite hard to get in the Netherlands, but in recent years Internet has made it much easier, so now I've got almost all of them, only "the meadows of Englewood" is still a hard one to get (can anyone help me ?). Since discovering The Geese... your music has grown more and more important to me.

To me, your music represent a kind of mood which is very important. It is something like "this is how nature should sound in it's purest form". Very peaceful, very subtle. In these times of rapid change it is easy to think that nothing stays the same and everything keeps going faster, louder, more digital and less natural. The world sometimes seems an alien place to me these days. And then I put on one of your CD's (or LP's) and I realize it's not like that at all ! Nature is still there, peace is still there and it's still like it always was. And there is at least ONE composer and musician who can perfectly translate this feeling to music. And this makes me really happy !!.

Maybe this story sounds a bit clumsy and pretentious but it's hard to capture it in words. The most important thing for me to say is THANK YOU !!!!

I wish you all the best, and keep doing what you're doing !

Willem 'Holedigger' Hoffmans,

Utrecht, The Netherlands.

P.S. I just got a copy of "Field Day". Brilliant.

Dear Anthony

I just wanted to say a very big 'Thank You' to you for enriching my life so very much over the last 17 years since I first heard your music, when I was 19 years old.

Your music has moved me (often to tears) tremendously, both spiritually and emotionally, with its incredible beauty, tranquility, love, sensitivity and romance.

Listening to your beautiful compositions fills me with much happiness and peace, and inspiration too: your music takes me to lovely places and soothes my soul as only your music can.

I love the way you come across from your album notes and pictures: your humility; your fondness for cricket; your love and respect for nature and your championing of the "old-fashioned" ideals...You seem like a true English gentleman.

Indeed a unique, gifted and special musician, I hope you feel you are truly loved, appreciated and respected by your fans.

I know you have come to my home town a couple of times over the years to see friends and I hope perhaps one day I might see you if you ever play.

Thank you again for all your wonderful, heartfelt music and for bringing so much beauty to the world.
I wish you lots of good luck and happiness for the future.

Kindest regards

Rachael Pycock

I had over a hundred albums during my Kansas University college days – all British musicians and I think one Springsteen album. Well, of course Phillips was a big part of that collection. Great music and great album covers by Peter Cross, right up there with Kim Poor’s artistic covers for Hackett albums. What a great musical craftsman, an inspiration to taking life at a walking pace (back to the pavilion indeed), and funny too.

David Padget


I am a big fan of your music, sir.

I started out with The Geese and the Ghost (sorry about this next bit) because it had a sticker on saying "with Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford of Genesis".
I wore that album out inside a year, and replaced it twice more before it was available on CD.
G&G and Sides are to this day frequent visitors to my CD player.

Hi Ant:

I have enjoyed your music for so long, well, it just seemed time to thank you. Of course Geese and The Ghost, Private Parts and Pieces and Back to the Pavilion are masterpieces but I've always been a fan of Sides, especially 'Bleak House' and 'Magdalen'. In addition your work on Mike Rutherford's fantastic Smallcreep's Day is wonderful.
Thanks and keep it coming.
Brad Reaume, Ontario, Canada

Hello Anthony Philips:

I'm Portuguese, and I appreciate your music long ago.  Unfortunately, Portugal is not a good market for buy your records. But, always I can, when I find one, I buy it.
Sorry my English, it's not very good.
Congratulations and thank you for the fantastic music you give the world.
Rui de Albuquerque


Hi Ant.

I am listening to your music since your first album "The geese & the ghost".

Every day I am waiting for a new album!  I only can say: its the best music I've ever heard!!

Thank you and greetings from Germany.

Klaus-Peter Wittrowsky

To Anthony & all Ant fans,

A truly memorable moment for me, which still sends shivers up my spine every time I think about it, was playing 'Majestic Whales' from Sail The World, on my personal CD player as I reached the top of Mount Sinai in Egypt after a 4 hour climb, to watch the sun rising. One of those magic moments which cannot be repeated nor described, only felt.

Thanks Ant - I wouldn't have dreamt of going on my year-long world tour without my complete AP collection!

I'm a lifelong fan, now living in New Zealand. Keep recording & I will buy!


Mike Walker (

Hi All,

Thanks for a great web site - Ant is a true musical hero of mine.
Sometimes a piece of music comes along that is so devastatingly beautiful it just stops you in your tracks, and transcends time, place and silly fashions and fads. Anthony's first solo album has done this for me, especially "Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West".

Best Regards,
Graham Shore.

P.S. My girlfriend and I decided this piece of music is a fitting tribute to Jack Nance, whose death we only recently heard about. Somehow the melody just fit the moment.


Having rediscovered Ant's music relatively recently, having owned 1984 and Wise After the Event on vinyl many years ago, has been a source of great satisfaction in this last year, and I've very nearly collected every available release in that time. It started for me with Back to the Pavilion, which is truly awesome, and most recently I've added the Archive Collection, which is really enjoyable as well, and Sail the World. I've also recently begun teaching myself acoustic guitar, partly as the result of the influence of all of this wonderful music. I'm really looking forward to getting 'Wise' on CD when it becomes available. In the last few years I've found myself becoming addicted to one album in particular for an extended period of time, and last year The Geese and the Ghost became just that for me - it remained in the CD player for quite sometime before being removed for something else..definately one of my all time favourites. Thanks for such a treasure trove of great music!!!

John Beam

Hullo Ant -

Greetings from somewhere in the Great Unwashed Heartland of Michigan.  I'm just grateful for the chance to tell you ( I hope) what a singular joy it is to listen to your music. You broke my heart by bailing on Genesis after Trespass, then making me wait for Geese. I forgave you, because my patience was rewarded with a flow of beautiful music that, thankfully, kept coming. Impossible to pick a favourite LP/CD, although Wise After the Event comes to mind first simply because my late wife Katy adored it so - the wonderful cover art, your obvious compassion for animals ( her own personal cause) &, of course, the music. Always, the music. Thank you.



Dear Anthony,

Started listening to your music in 1977 (The Geese) and was very happy to discover that Voiceprint distributes some of your work that I never could obtain here in The Netherlands.
You commented on "Dragonfly Dreams" about being "unfashionable" with your superb music. I believe that you have been ahead of time and will grow towards a larger public in the near future. The "new age" of today requires more of your music to work positively on people's overactive minds!
Your music certainly has improved my quality of life a lot as it has with my friends to whom I introduced your work. One of them (a woman) is a painter who has "used" your music to obtain a much higher level of inspiration for her creativity whilst painting.
Meanwhile quite a lot of people here owe you thanks for your wonderful instrumentations and regret the relative difficulty to obtain your music. Perhaps some could be done on the marketing?
Look forward to new releases and thank you for all the beautiful and "spiritual" music you have written so far,
Twan Houben
The Netherlands


Hello Anthony Phillips (if you read this guest book) and whoever else may happen to browse through. I was happy to discover this site. I've been a fan of your work for a while, especially p.p.1,antiques, 12, 1984 and of course trespass. Your guitar work has greatly influenced my own. I was a little saddened by reading an interview with you, I think it was somewhere on this site, in which I got the sense that you felt that your music wasn't successful enough or that it wasn't good enough.

I admire your humility, but I feel that your work is fantastic and from the looks of this guestbook I'm sure that many people all over the world would agree with me. Just because your music is not all over the airwaves doesn't mean people cant relate to it or that its not good. At least you've kept your integrity, which can't be said for a lot people who've been in bands; you've never sold out. I feel that since I haven't outgrown your music yet that I probably never will. There are quite a few newer albums that i am eager to hear, but haven't gotten the chance to.  If I had the money id finance an album for you and Steve Hackett to do, that would be great. i hope to hear about more releases from you in the near future.

Best wishes from Laszlo in Boston Massachusetts.


Hello Anthony. If it wasn't for this website, I still would miss "Meadows of Englewood" from my collection. It took me about 3 years to track this album down and at very last Pan Y Musica Barcelona confirmed my order.

I can't wait to get this one delivered home as from then on I will be able to listen to all what has been released from AP.
No doubt it'll be as beautiful as well.
Eric Jonker, Zoetermeer (NL);


I have listened to old Genesis for many years and I know well all their music, but now I'm glad that I can discover for me also Ant's music. I know only Wise After the Event (marvellous album) and Geese and Ghost (also great) and Slow Dance (I love it). It is beautiful that many of nice Ant's music is still waiting for me! Many thanks! 
Ludek Wellner
Czech Republic



Greetings from Australia,

I have been a fan of Ants music since " the geese and the ghost" .  its only recently though that i noticed a release by Denis Quinn "open secret " from 1987 that included Anthony Phillips and Andrew Latimer { from camel }. sadly this title is now deleted .
would there be anyone out there who has this title, and would be willing to make a copy for me on cd or cassette ?
if you can help please contact me.  email address
best wishes to all, carl murphy. 


Hi Anthony,  I was pleased to discover your website.  I play your music regularly on my radio show here in Holland.  It was fun interviewing you a couple of years ago.  We’ll have to do a sequel soon.   Thanks for all of the incredibly beautiful melodies you have made.  You’ve brought much beauty to the world.

Sincerely, Mark C. Deren


  The Website is great: lots of information and interviews. Please keep it up as you are doing a major public service for all Anthony Phillips fans (which I'm proud to be one of).

  What can I say ? Anthony is a genius, one of the best Modern composers we have in this particular galaxy. It's a shame that the Classical music world hasn't embraced him with open ears, arms, and wallets -- oh well,  it's their loss, because they're missing out on someone very special and incredibly talented.

  Since everyone is talking about other musicians that they'd like to hear Anthony Phillips work with (be it Mike Rutherford, Quique Garcia, or Steve Hackett), I'd like to add another one to the list: Mike Keneally, an American guitarist who has a fine album out called "Wooden Smoke."

  Anthony, if you're reading this, then let me close by saying Thank You for all of the beautiful wonderful music you've created and recorded. You're an inspiration and I wish you good luck and happiness for the future. Please continue to follow your heart and muse, wherever it takes you.

   Dave Williams

  North Carolina, USA 



After seeing Jonathan Lee's recent amusing guestbook salutation concerning seeing Ant perform "Dragonfly Dreams" in America, I can't help but re-dream up a long-time fantasy of mine. First though, and in reality, I am a loyal attendee of a Philadelphia, USA, concert series called "The Gatherings."

This concert series focuses mainly on artists in the space/electronic/ambient genre, but has been known to spread its wings somewhat and, just to mention a few as example, has hosted the likes of Oregon, Roger Eno, and Erik Wollo. Jeff Towne, producer of the Echoes radio show (which frequently airs Ant's songs), is one of the organizers of these events. I recall once offering to wash Towne's car (for a year!) if he could somehow lure Mr. Phillips over to our relaxed venue (a beautiful church on the University of Pennsylvania campus) for an intimate night of music. Towne was also involved with the recording of "The Living Room Concert" CD. I can't speak for all of Ant's fans, but if most are as I, they'd probably travel halfway around the world for the opportunity to hear performed live all those classics we've come to love. I've been a Phillips admirer and completist since the goose days.

Best regards,

Bill Beck

Hello -

I am listening to my CD of Wise After The Event, but before you ask how, I will quickly say I made from my vinyl copy and am anxiously awaiting the official reissue like everyone else. I first learned of Anthony's music in 1985 through a friend and I still think Private Parts III is the one of the best acoustic albums ever made. Just wanted to say hi to those reading and ask everyone to keep the faith and the patience for the Wise After the Event reissue. If the Mahavishnu album from 1984 can be reissued, this one can and surely will be too! Thanks Anthony, for all the great music and inspiration.


Hello all,

I just wanted to say that I just purchased the "All Our Lives" double CD from Pan Y Musica in Spain. In case any were wondering, their service was very quick and efficient. I received the CD about a week after ordering.  They even sent it "Registered" mail so that I and only I could pick it up from the Post Office.

The CDs are great (of course). I particularly like the "Live Radio Sessions" disc. Ant's playing and singing are top-notch and you can hear that he was perhaps a little less nervous than from the "Living Room Concert" disc. "Lucy: An Illusion" is fantastic and so is "Collections".

I have to give "Meadows of Englewood" a few more listens but the little I have so far are proving it to be quite good as well.

Until Ant performs the whole "Dragonfly Dreams" album on a theater tour of the US......

Warmest regards,

Jonathan Lee

Hello from Ontario. I have just been blessed with a lovely gift of Ant Phillips songs. I was ignorant of the fact that his career continued after leaving Genesis. Duh! Being a Genesis fan since the 70's I feel quite the dope! I have all of Steve Hackett's solo work and now I can enjoy Ant's!

The Geese and the Ghost, Back To The Pavilion, Sides etc.... loverly!

Anyone out there seen the tribute band Musical Box from Quebec? They are amazing too! If any of you want to chat, drop me a line. By the way, check out Porcupine Tree and The Flower Kings, they are fantastic Prog bands also!

Love Louise

great web page from a few old genesis trippers,   

Kent Crawford from preservation<kinks tribute band > seattle wa   usa

I have been a fan of Ant since the day he visited WCMF Radio in Rochester, New York (sometime in the mid to late Seventies) and played some cuts from Geese and the Ghost.  I believe I have every vinyl he has produced (even going as far as coercing a co-worker on vacation in the UK to purchase anything Anthony Phillips) and am working on the CD collection.  Technically perfect, fluid and melodic, there are very few this talented.

I do hope Ant will some day return to the States, perhaps a small club setting.



Hi everyone in "Ant World"

I have just discovered the blissful world of Anthony Phillips.  I first heard "The Geese And The Ghost" when I was at college in 1979; a half-crazed Dutchman Karl Van Heeswijk, introduced me to his music.  I was captivated.  Now I have found his music again I am building up his back catalogue to my musical delight.  Anthony Phillips captures the romantic soul that is incarcerated in every one of us.  Encapsulating the fading dream and the waking moment in every 12-string chord.

Beautiful, please keep doing it.  What I would really like to see is collaboration between Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett.  Now there is a thought!

Andy Mitchell


I just rediscovered The Geese & The Ghost today - the half remembered tunes still well remembered.  A beautiful LP, please let's get the whole damn back catalog reissued on Voiceprint or similar - including all the Private Parts (with apologies to Howard Stern).

All the best,
Steve Defoe


Hey Anthony and friends of Anthony's music....
I must say that pp1, geese and 1984 are some of the most brilliant albums of all time, specially 1984-part 2 (09:30 till the end)

I was wondering, since Anthony don't wanna perform live, what about making a video ???
I would be so happy!

happy new year everybody
and Ant: keep up the good work (and what about making a part 2 of 1984 ??)
love tomerik


Dear Anthony,

    I started listening to Genesis (old and new) when I was a senior in high school in 1995.  When I got into my sophomore year of college, I began to peruse your solo work.  Upon savouring such masterworks as The Geese and the Ghost, Wise After the Event, Private Parts and Pieces V "Twelve", etc., I had come to the conclusion that you are a true genius and a great inspiration to me on piano, drums, bagpipe, and various other instruments simply because you are a most sensitive and unusual musician.  I love the way you depict women and the feelings of longing and desire that we men show for them deep in our hearts.  Thank you for changing my life.  My favorite track that you do is "January" from Twelve - pure piquancy and an extremely intimate portrait of such an enigmatic month.  Goddess bless you.       

Dave Jacoby, Denver Colorado, USA


Yes y'all,

Anthony is the finest Rapper and Hit-Producer in the world. When I first saw him performing at Wembley as the side-act of Michael Jackson I was amazed because of his cute outfit. That outfit and the music have always attracted me since today.
I've played his music to my friends at a party. We were all drunk and high. Man! That's the right time for this music. We had visions of squirrels and knights and smelled a pastoral flavour.
By the way - NEW ENGLAND is the best.
Stay funky Ant.
You're not gonna make it - you already made it !
Dein Fan
aus Deutschland

Name:  Howard Taylor

Country: England
Hi Ant,
I have been a great fan of yours since your release of 1984.  This must be one of the best instrumental albums to hit the market since Mike Oldfield's classic Tubular Bells.  But I still think Slow Dance is one of the most powerful albums you have ever released. I am classically trained and the symphonic elements are clearly heard throughout the work.
Have you ever thought about orchestrating it in order for it to be performed by a good professional orchestra, as I think it would put a lot of modern classical music to shame.  By the way this is still the most played of all my CDs.
Tarka is another of my favorites and is nice to see it released once again.
Keep up the good work and great see you now have your own web site.
Any fans like to contact me

Not that I ever doubted that Ant would still be producing lots of great stuff & have some sort of profile, It's just that we don't get to hear much about him in Melbourne.

Nice to be kept in touch via this site - Thanks

Sides, Geese.., 1984, Wise...  all stand the test of time & I love revisiting them. Lookin' forward to tracking down some of Ant's more recent stuff.

Thanks Ant. Cheers,
Brian Driscoll, Melbourne Australia

I just wanted to say that "Dragonfly Dreams" has got to be one of my all time favorite albums and is definitely in the top five of my fave Ant albums.

I mean, it is absolutely incredible!

From the down-home beauty and warm-sounding guitar of "Openers" to the majestic and epic-length "Chinese Walls" (I always get lost inside that song) there is not a dull moment on the record. "She'll Be Waiting" always brings tears to my eyes and "Under the Ice" is simply brilliant.

Thank you Ant, for the music and inspiration. Please keep writing and recording. You touch many people.

Jonathan Lee, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Name: Michael Byrehed

Country: Sweden

I have found the Invisible Man to be a great album, and it became to be my friend during the vacation with my family in Monaco this summer. Now almost in winter time, when I put the CD on, the pictures starts to paint in my minds, I don't need a camera when I have the music, Selfish?  Maybe.
I started to listen to Ant in 1979, now I'm 43 years of age and I never get bored.
Thank you Anthony for doing so good so much, keep on working I will be buying.

Name: Pelle Händén 

Hi!  1984 is still such a great album, inspiring !!

Name: Ulisse

Hi Ant!  Hope you fine!


I have been entranced with Ant's music since I first heard Wise After The Event, and every time I visit a record store, I check to see if there's any Ant there (usually not).  I never tire of his music, and play it all the time to the wonderment of my friends.  I turn everyone I can onto his music, and my only regret is not being able to find very much by him in South Texas.  Fortunately, though, the internet has provided me with many.  My favorites are 1984 and Finger Painting, although I can put any of the CDs I have on at any time of the day or night and refresh my state of mind.

I know he influenced Genesis in the early days, and just wonder what the band would have been like had he stuck around.  But then, we wouldn't have all this individual work pouring out of him these many years, would we?
thank you for letting me share.
John McNeil

Name: Barry Smith (

Country: Spain

Dedication: Good Music

Mission: Just turning 40 so that's a good question

Comments: It's great to see a website dedicated exclusively to the great AP. If my wife and kids knew the identity of all the beautiful music they hear floating around the house that's attributable to him, well, they'd ask him to stay for tea and shake his hand most vigorously. I got into his solo stuff when I saw the Geese And The Ghost in Downtown Records, Romford, Essex in early 1977, a riot of colour among Earth Wind And Fire, Chelsea, and Rainbow albums and sales counter indifference.

"What's this then?"

"He used to be in Genesis."

"They're boring."

"No, they're not. Well, not yet. Not until Hackett leaves."

Little did I realise as I clutched this joy of philistine art - LATER PLAYED AT PARTIES, no wonder we didn't get any girls - that 24 years later I'd still hear the same beauty shining down the years. Since then I've bought most of his albums - don't tell the wife - and have been consistently moved. The fact that he's remained true to his musical tastes and continued to produce some truly inspiring material - Tarka, Lights On The Hill, Sky Road, Unheard Cry etc. - is of joy to many of us. If you're listening, Ant ...thanks, mate. We love you and we need you, keep 'em coming. Strangely, and not that it's necessarily significant, the two members of Genesis to have most kept, and I quote, "the essence of romanticism" in their music, are AP and Steve Hackett. All I can say is....aren't we lucky?

God bless all you music lovers out there, and I'd be thrilled to hear from anybody wot remembers my Yes fanzine Sound Chaser from 1979 to 1981 that wanted to get in touch, like. Russell and Roger, for example.

Fondest regards to all AP fans...if you get what I get from his music, then we got stuff in common!

Thanks for this forum in which to communicate. People say many things about the internet, but being able to keep in touch with fellow enthusiasts is fantastic.

Name: Craig Nickerson

Country: USA

Comments: The first Genesis album I ever heard was *Trespass*, and I was immediately impressed with the atmospheric beauty of the 12-string guitar work. I had a sense that A. Phillips was the leading spirit in forming their trademark sound.

Stage fright is both a curse and a blessing. While it has kept Ant off the concert stage, it has also kept him out of the clutches of the mass marketeers. He has nothing to lose by remaining true to himself and making his own kind of music.

Name: Gunnar Martone

Country: USA

Comments: I could gush about how much I love Anthony Phillips' music all day! But I don't want to get too maudlin; he wouldn't like that! Seriously, Ant's music has always meant a great deal to me and I am so much richer (and Wiser) for having listened.

Name: Marc Cantin

Country: Canada

Comments: Je suis un fan d'Anthony Phillips depuis 1977 et je me considère priviligié d'avoir hérité de ma des cordes sensibles nécessaires pour pouvoir apprécier un tel talent.

Hi, I'm Canadian fan of Anthony (Québec City) . I feel it's a privilege to be able to appreciate the music of Anthony despite this commercial pop world and star system in which we're living. I'd rather be an Anthony Phillips Fan than a back street boys fan....

Name: Allen Bruce Ray

Country: South Korea

Comments: Having been a fan of Anthony Phillip's music for so many years, I'm obviously quite excited about this website and the wealth of information it provides. I think the layout works well, and it's also VERY satisfying to see that it's updated regularly, too. Jonathan, you're doing a fabulous job here ~ Keep it up! (And thanks for the Archive II info.)

Ant is a man of integrity in a business that seems to view integrity as a liability. He prefers following his heart over any current trends.

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