Guitar Tunings

By popular request, this page details some of the various guitar tunings that Ant has used on different albums and tracks.  

Ant has also supplied some additional comments which may be of interest.

This is a work in progress and further details will be added to it in due course.


The Geese & The Ghost


Ant says: "All the songs and 'Henry' are in normal tuning, capo 5th fret but Geese itself had the Dropped top string D - so popular with us at the time - and since much of the material therein hailed from 1969, it's not surprising that that was also the tuning used on Stagnation from Trespass."


Wise After The Event





Ant says: "The tunings on Wise were DADGAD & OPEN D (I had used both since 1970/1) and always referred to latter as D4th - not until quite recently did I hear of the acronym !

The title track featured a tuning that included some strings in 5ths & 3rds on the Rick -the tuning was new but not that technique! As follows :~

              UPPER  LOWER

                  C           G       first

                  G           E       

                  E           C

                  C           G

                  G           C

                  C           C       sixth - a BIG sound !




Ant says: "The only tuning on 1984 I can recall was the passage in Part One that's all in C minor and tuned the 'Dulc' to a modal tuning of all C's and G's"

A Catch At The Tables

In response to a couple of enquiries, Ant has confirmed that Lights On The Hill is in normal tuning.


Ant says: "The tuning used on all the pieces on Twelve is as follows:

A E  - 1st  pair - upper one is the E, lower the A

G G - 2nd pair - unison

D D -  3rd pair - in octaves, both a fourth down (5 frets !) from their 'normal' tuning

C C -  4th pair - in octaves, both a major second down (2 frets !) from their 'normal' tuning

G G -  5th pair - in octaves, both a major second down

D D  -  6th pair - in octaves, both a major second down


Dragonfly Dreams

The tuning used on She'll Be Waiting is as follows:

E  E

B  B

E  E

B  B

E  E

B  B

Field Day




Ant says: "There are many different ones used here apart from the ubiquitous DADGAD & OPEN D as well as Conventional G Tuning (DBGDGD)

The English Bouzouki is in pairs of 5ths -as per violin ! EE AA DD GG

The Cittern is in Modal tuning EE AA EE AA EE in the excerpt from 'Traces' from Invisible Men (which had the original tuning of EE AA EE C sharp x 2 AA AA - yes, very low !)

The Mirecourt is in D B flat F B flat F B flat !

There are also a number of odd 12 string ones:

Guild: BE BB EG BD AA DD (from top down, upper string of each pair first)

Alvarez: DA AA DC AA AA AA

Strings of Light 

Strings of Light
The tuning used on Andean Explorer from Strings of Light is as follows:

1-2    D D

3-4    B G

5-6    E E

7-8    C D         (NB: Make sure the C is the 'wound' one) 

9-10  B B

11-12 E E




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