The original running order for Wise After The Event

When Wise After The Event was being made, the original idea was for the album to be accompanied by an EP.  As Ant himself explained in the liner notes for the Virgin CD re-issue of the album: "The reason why the original cover and album didn't fully correlate on Wise After The Event was that at the time Peter Cross was doing the artwork, there were grandiose schemes afoot for an album and an EP to include all the extra tracks and instrumental links.  This idea was subsequently shot down by practical realities; out went most of the links (mostly ending up on Back To The Pavilion) and poor old Squirrel who, apart from a brief appearance on the B side of a single, found himself truly cast out in space.  This, rather awkwardly, left the cover full of bizarre credits and strange running-orders.  However, by this time, Peter was busy on other projects; the cover design was decreed too brilliant to tamper with and thus it stayed".

The original running order for the album was as follows:

Side One:

We're All As We Lie
Pulling Faces
Link (Sitars & Nebulous from Back To The Pavilion)
Wise After The Event

Side Two:

We're All As We Lie Link (Romany's Aria from Back To The Pavilion)
Paperlink (Chinaman from Back To The Pavilion)
Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends?)

The EP had the following planned running order:

Side A:


Side B:

Hunt Link

(This is the link piece that can be heard after the track Wise After The Event on the released version of the album).


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