Now that the site has been up and running for two years, we thought it was about time that those responsible for this site finally admitted their involvement, hence this page.  More seriously it is also the place for us to mention those who have kindly given their support since the site was first launched.

The Official Anthony Phillips site is designed, compiled and maintained by Jonathan Dann.

Invaluable assistance and inspiration has been provided by Phil Morris, Barbara Kirk, Bruce Ray, David Beaven, Peter Reid, Jeremy Charlett, Pete Morton, Rob Ayling at Voiceprint and especially Alan Hewitt - many thanks to all of them.

Special thanks to all those visitors who have provided invaluable feedback and suggestions about the site.

Extra special thanks to Andy Latimer & Susan Hoover, Chris Stewart, Richard Macphail, Peter Cross & John Perry.

And finally endless thanks to Ant himself for his support and encouragement.

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