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New Library Project

Ant has now completed work on recording material for a new Library project for Atmosphere music.  As with all of Ant's Library music this won't be commercially available and there is no immediate prospect of a release of any of this material on a future Missing Links album.

The Genesis Songbook (yes, this is what it looks like!)


The Genesis Songbook 

(a.k.a "Genesis - From The Beginning")

Ant has also given an interview for this documentary project looking at the history of Genesis.  A UK TV screening of the programme on Channel 5 took place on 29th April and it has now been released on both VHS (PAL format) and DVD (Region 2).  

The UK release date was re-scheduled a few times but finally settled for 23rd July.  A US release (in NTSC format/Region 1) is now scheduled for 25th September.  

As well as Ant, the documentary also includes contributions from all the main members of Genesis over the years and several associates including David Hentschel and Chris Welch alongside our very own Alan Hewitt, who was also involved in the research for the archive footage used.

The DVD release includes extra interview footage and has a running time of 100 minutes.  We've put together a separate page for this project with some more details and a review which you can access here.

Archive Collection Volume 2

We've received a number of messages recently from visitors asking about the possible release of a second volume of The Archive Collection.  There are no immediate plans for a release but work is currently going on to catalogue and transfer material from Ant's tape archive with a view to locating recordings for potential release.  As soon as we have any definite news on any release we will announce it here.

New Survival Programmes

Ant recently finished work on two new TV projects.  Both of these are Survival programmes - the first of these is called Bears of the Russian Front and the other called Dungeons & Dragons is about Lemurs in Madagascar.  Ant co-wrote the music for the second of these programmes in collaboration with Joji Hirota.  

Exclusive Article

Ant recently wrote an exclusive article about living in London for the Go4London site, which features a wide variety of information about the UK capital.  To accompany this there was a competition to win a signed copy of A Catch At The Tables.  The competition has now closed but you can read the article here.

BBC Radio Four Play

Ant in collaboration with Roger Patterson recently recorded some new music for a BBC Radio 4 play called Bread from the Air, Gold from the Sea.  The play which was written by G W Fraser and produced by Keith Halden was broadcast on 16th February and starred Andrew Sachs as the German chemist Fritz Haber.  Haber was a fascinating character as in one year he was both tried as a war criminal for his invention of poison gas and nominated for a Nobel Prize for creating nitrogen fertilizers.  This made for a thought-provoking and sometimes intense listening experience but was very well done.  Ant and Roger's music was mainly atmospheric soundscapes which added greatly to the overall atmosphere of the production.

This is the third BBC Radio production by Keith Halden that Ant has provided music for - the first was the 1995 dramatic monologue Barrabus The Witness (the music for this was also done in collaboration with Roger) and the 1999 Radio Four play A Venture Too Far.

Interview for Mojo magazine

The March issue of the UK music magazine Mojo included a long article about Genesis.  Ant gave an interview for this late last year.

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