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This page features news items from 2012.  

Some of the information included here may now be out-of-date and this page is here for reference purposes only.


New album release: City of Dreams (News date: 31-10-12, updated 2-12-12)

Private Parts & Pieces XI: City of Dreams

We are pleased to announce the release of Private Parts & Pieces XI: City of Dreams -  a brand new solo album from Ant.

City of Dreams takes the listener through a number of moods ranging from the epic to the reflective via atmospheric soundscapes to create a rich and ultimately rewarding journey for the imagination.

City of Dreams is released on 3rd December.  Further information about the album including the track listing can be seen here.

The album is available to order from Amazon now.

Sound clips from City of Dreams

Here are some extracts of selected tracks from City of Dreams, which can also be found on our Soundcloud page.



Official Peter Cross website (News date: 17-9-12)

Artist and illustrator Peter Cross has now launched his official website, which can be seen here.  The site includes a selection of Peter's artwork across a number of different projects including books, greetings cards and wine guides as well as the outstanding covers he has created for Ant's album releases.  Peter has more material which he plans to add to the site soon.


New album release: Seventh Heaven (News date: 21-3-12, updated 13-5-12)

We are pleased to announce the release of Seventh Heaven - a brand new collaboration between Ant and composer & arranger Andrew Skeet.

Seventh Heaven is a double album of co-written orchestral and acoustic portraits (featuring some outstanding arrangements by Andrew) which have been recorded by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir.  Additional pieces have also been recorded with a string section and an orchestra of leading session musicians.  The orchestral tracks are complimented by some acoustic guitar and piano pieces to create a rich and musically diverse collection.  More information on the album can be seen here.

Seventh Heaven is out now and can be ordered from Amazon.  


Sound clips from Seventh Heaven  

We are pleased to present some extracts of selected tracks from Seventh Heaven, which can also be found on our new Soundcloud page.  


Seventh Heaven featured on Classic FM (News date: 30-4-12, updated 13-5-12)

Seventh Heaven was the CD of the week on the Classic FM Drive show with John Brunning for the week commencing 7th May.  A track from the album was played on the programme at around 6.15 pm each day and the album will also be played on several other shows on the station in the coming weeks.  Classic FM can be heard in the UK between 100 and 102 FM as well as via Sky (Channel 0160) and Virgin TV (Channel 922) and also via their site.

Private Parts & Pieces III & IV re-issue (News date: 23-11-11, updated 15-2-12)

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited re-issue of the third and fourth albums in the Private Parts & Pieces series (Antiques and A Catch At The Tables) was released on February 7th 2012.  Both albums have been newly re-mastered for this re-issue and extra tracks have been added to both albums.  Private Parts & Pieces III & IV is available to order now from Amazon.

Further details on the re-issue, including the complete track listing and sound clips are now available here and our promo clip for the re-issue (which includes a new interview with Ant about the albums) is now online.


Tarka & Radio Clyde (News date: 10-6-12, updated 19-7-12)

We are pleased to announce that two titles from Ant's back catalogue which have both been out of print for some time are being made available again.  These are new pressings to make the titles available once more and neither release has been re-mastered or had extra tracks added to the running order.  Radio Clyde is out now and Tarka has a revised release date of 23rd July.  In addition, copies of Archive Collection Volume 2 are also available again.

Radio Clyde

In the summer of 1978 Ant recorded a 'live' studio session for Radio Clyde in Glasgow as part of the promotion for Wise After the Event.  In 2003 the session was given an official CD release with artwork by Peter Cross.

Radio Clyde is available to order now from Amazon.


Originally released in 1988, Ant and Harry Williamson's collaborative release Tarka was re-issued in 1996 with the new cover design seen here and with some additional music that was not included on the first release.  The new pressing will be of the 1996 edition of the album.

Tarka is available to order now from Amazon

Archive Collection Volume Two

Originally released in 2004, this double CD release features previously unreleased pieces and variations recorded between 1971 and 1988.

Archive Collection Volume 2 is available to order now from Amazon.  

(NB: Contrary to the description on Amazon's site, the CD does not contain any extra tracks)

BBC Radio Kent Sunday Supplement Show (News date: 30-4-12, updated 13-5-12)

Ant was interviewed about Seventh Heaven for the Sunday Supplement Show hosted by Paul James and Paul Harris on BBC Radio Kent on Sunday 6th May.  

Slow Dance (News date: 23-11-11, updated 29-1-12)

Slow Dance

Ant's 1990 release Slow Dance has been out of print for some time but we are pleased to announce that a new pressing of the album is now available.  This is not a re-mastered re-issue and no extra tracks have been added to the album.

Slow Dance is available to order now from Amazon.  


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