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This page features news items from 2010.  

Some of the information included here may now be out-of-date and this page is here for reference purposes only.

Cover version of Master of Time (News date: 21-11-10)

British progressive rock band Big Big Train have recently released a brand new 41 minute EP entitled Far Skies Deep Time.  The opening track on the EP is the band's version of Ant's song Master of Time which they have recorded with Ant's blessing and is the first time they have recorded a cover version.

The full track listing for the EP is Master of Time, Fat Billy Shouts Mine, British Racing Green, Brambling and The Wide Open Sea.

The EP is currently only available to buy by joining the band's mailing list - this can be done at the Big Big Train site, where more information about them can also be found.

Battle of the Birds and Gypsy Suite re-issue (News date: 30-9-10, updated 10-10-10)




Another two back catalogue titles - Battle of the Birds and Gypsy Suite - are re-issued by Floating World Records as a 2 CD set on 4th October. 

Originally released in 1995, Gypsy Suite is a 1978 recording of a four-part suite for two guitars inspired by Ant and Harry's explorations of different tunings.  The Gypsy Suite CD also includes the demos of the first two movements of Tarka.

Originally released in 2004, Battle of the Birds is an expanded edition of a 1981 Mother Gong release, which makes use of the 1978 recording of Gypsy Suite as the backing music for Gilli Smyth's narration of the story of the Battle of the Birds, with Harry and friends contributing some spoken parts as characters in the story.  Ant's contribution to this title is confined to his co-writing and playing on the recording of Gypsy Suite, which is of course available in it's original form on the Gypsy Suite CD.  

As with the recent re-releases of Private Parts & Pieces V & VI and Private Parts & Pieces VII & VIII, this re-issue offers an opportunity to obtain these two titles at the price of a single album. The albums are being re-issued in the double CD format to make them available again and consequently they have not been re-mastered for this release.

Sail The World re-issue (News date: 23-5-10, updated 29-6-10)

The next title from Ant's back catalogue to be re-issued is Sail The World, which is released on 28th June.  Originally released in 1994, Sail The World features the music that Ant wrote and recorded to accompany the television coverage of the 1993-94 Whitbread Round The World Yacht Race.  The album has been newly re-mastered for this re-issue.

Following the original release of the album, most of the tracks were subsequently re-mixed for use as library pieces and this re-issue includes the re-mixed versions.  The re-issue also includes three extra tracks not included on the original release as well as brand new artwork and sleeve notes to make this the definitive edition of Sail The World.  More information about the re-issue can now be seen on a new page.

Ahead of the Field (News date: 3-5-10, updated 29-6-10)

14th June will see the first commercial release of Ahead of the Field which was an album of library music that Ant was commissioned to compose by music publishers De Wolfe in late 1984.  Ant composed a number of tracks for the album and scored a selection of them which were then recorded by some top session musicians in the spring of 1985, with the emphasis being placed on then-contemporary electronic drum and synthesiser sounds.  Ant subsequently overdubbed some extra parts on the tracks which were then issued by De Wolfe as a vinyl album for use by broadcasters and film-makers on their Rouge Music label.

Ahead of the Field is one of a number of De Wolfe library titles that Voiceprint are releasing (including titles composed by Darryl Way and Karl Jenkins & Mike Ratledge) and is primarily a showcase of Ant as a composer rather than a performer. More information about Ahead of the Field, including the track-listing, can be seen on a new page.

Private Parts & Pieces V-VIII re-issues (News date: 15-3-10, updated 3-5-10)

Following on from the re-issue of Sides, the next albums from Ant's back catalogue to be re-issued will be Twelve and Ivory Moon, which are being re-issued as a double CD set.  Ivory Moon will include the piano version of the early Genesis song Let Us Now Make Love that was included as an extra track on the previous CD release of the album.  Originally scheduled for release on May 3rd, the release has been slightly delayed and stock of the re-issue is now anticipated to be available in a couple of weeks time.

The next release will be a similar double CD pairing of Slow Waves Soft Stars and New England which is planned for release on 31st May.  

These re-issues offer an excellent opportunity to obtain these albums at the price of a single album and are recommended if you do not already have these titles in your collection. The albums are being re-issued in the double CD format to make these titles available again and consequently they have not been re-mastered for these releases.  

Rest assured that the third and fourth albums in the Private Parts & Pieces series (Antiques and A Catch At The Tables) have not been forgotten - we are currently investigating the possibility of adding extra material to Antiques so the re-issue of these two albums will follow later.


Sides re-issue (News date: 16-2-10, updated 6-4-10)

The next title to be re-issued from Ant's back catalogue is Sides, which has been expanded to a 2 CD edition.  The album itself has been newly re-mastered from the original master tapes by Simon Heyworth and includes the non-album track Souvenir as an extra track on the first CD.  The second CD contains variations and alternate mixes of the songs from the album including some unique new mixes which have been made from the original multi-track masters especially for this release.  Also included is the edited single version of Um & Aargh which has not previously been available on CD.  The complete track listing can be seen on a new page here.




Simon MacCorkindale (News date: 17-10-10)

It is with sadness that we have learnt of the death of Simon MacCorkindale from cancer at the age of 58.  Simon was best known for his acting roles on stage, in films such as Death On The Nile and on television in programmes like Manimal, Falcon Crest and Casualty.  Together with his wife Susan George, he financed the completion and release of Ant and Harry Williamson's album Tarka in 1988 and it is highly likely that without their support the album would never have seen the light of day.  Simon also did a number of press interviews to promote the album at the time of it's release.

Ant has written a tribute to Simon which can be seen here.

Further re-issues scheduled for 2010 (News date: 20-12-09, updated 20-1-10)

Voiceprint Records are set to re-issue more of Ant's back catalogue albums during the course of 2010, with the first release being the first two albums in the Private Parts & Pieces series (Private Parts & Pieces and Back To The Pavilion) which are scheduled for release as a double CD set on 15th February.  Both of the albums have been re-mastered for this release and Private Parts & Pieces also features a previously unreleased extra track in the form of a 1976 recording of Movement IV from Guitar Quintet.  More information on this release can seen on a new page here.  

We've now uploaded our new YouTube promo clip for the album here which features sound clips from selected tracks.

Other re-issues currently in preparation are a re-mastered and expanded double CD release of Sides and a re-mastered edition of Sail The World, which has been unavailable for sometime.  More news on these titles will be announced in due course.


Mike Colman (News date: 3-2-10)

It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the untimely death of Mike Colman, who was a member of the pre-Genesis band Anon.  Mike (who was known by the other members of Anon as Mick) joined Anon after Mike Rutherford was banned from playing the guitar by his House Master and soon started collaborating with Ant on a number of songs, some of which were played live by the group.  Mike was also with the band when they recorded their first demo tape in April 1966 at the makeshift studio set up by their friend Brian Roberts and played with Anon at the Beat Concert at Charterhouse in July of that year where they shared the bill with fellow Charterhouse groups The Climax and The Garden Wall.

A talented musician, Mike played piano, violin and guitar and also enjoyed writing, having two books published.  In 2003 Mike contracted pneumonia from which he never fully recovered and he passed away on January 12th.

Ant's personal tribute to Mike can be seen here.  Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

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